Restore old garden furniture

The alternative: restoration of old furniture

Restore old furniture

Old furniture has its charm. Sure, new furniture looks fancy, but often the furniture purchase is also in the money, if you do not compare enough prices. As an alternative, therefore, offer old, unused furniture. If you still have a few old garden furniture in the shed, the restoration is often worthwhile. For restored furniture often tell a story and convey a romantic to cozy rustic atmosphere. Due to their little quirks like a few scratches here and there or a stale look, they also have charm and let dream of the good old times.


Furniture made of metal and weather

One thing is of course very important for garden furniture during the restoration: that the furniture also remains weather-resistant or become. So metal furniture should not rust and wood furniture should not rot or mold. To prevent this, the furniture should therefore be pretreated with the appropriate protective lacquer during the restoration before the actual color is applied. This is the only way to guarantee that you do not have to start all the work again next spring. In the following, we will show you how to properly restore your wooden and metal garden furniture, so that in the summer you will also have some comfortable and again nice-looking furniture in the garden. Protective covers and covers can also protect your new old garden furniture from moisture and can be reordered cheaply when needed on the internet at Ebay or Amazon, but replace no careful protective coating your furniture.

Restoration of wooden furniture

Restore wooden furniture: wax and impregnate

The restoration should be done professionally, so that all the work that you put into the furniture did not end up in vain and the paint does not flake off the chair after a month of use. For wooden furniture, it is important that the chairs are unwaxed because waxed furniture does not take on any color. If there is any old paint, it should first be removed with a grinder. After the dust has been removed, wood preservative primer and primer paint can be applied, which you can get in hardware stores like OBI, Hornbach, Praktiker and Co. The new topcoat in your desired color can then be applied. It is advisable to disassemble the furniture before the restoration, so that the sanding and the application of the paint are easier.

Restoration of metal furniture

Garden furniture of metal

The restoration of metal garden furniture runs in principle according to the same pattern. Here, however, you must make sure that the metal is carefully sanded with a wire brush before re-painting. This is the only way to completely remove old peeling paint residues and any rust that may be present. Subsequently, the metal furniture, as already explained in the wood furniture, sanded and sanded. The primer is then applied with a special metal primer. Finally, the desired color is applied, taking care that the metal is not coated too thick with paint. This then often looks ugly and leaves ugly splashes of color. It is better to use only a little color at first and to paint later if the ground shines through. However, primer paint can remedy this situation, especially if the furniture should later radiate white anyway.

Do-it-yourselfers under guidance

Restore garden furniture yourself

Anyone who thinks that he can not do the restoration of his furniture alone can of course get help. Workers in DIY stores often have an open ear and help actively in choosing the right materials and give tips on how to use the equipment. However, if one is completely unaware of how to deal, metaphorically speaking, with nail and hammer at all, one should get expert help from professionals and be shown exactly how to approach the different manual tasks. But you can also get tips and ideas on home improvement sites like or The DIY Academy ("DIY" stands for "Do-it-yourself") also offers online tutorials as well as special nationwide courses on home improvement topics, including courses for women only, In this way, "woman" does not need to be ashamed if the screw is not drilled straight into the wood the first time and can also learn how much fun home improvement can actually do, if it works but then immediately as desired and the old Garden furniture in the new pretty color literally attracts everyone's attention.

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