Paint and restore old metal garden furniture

Restore old garden furniture

Paint and restore old metal garden furniture: paint

Sun, wet and dirty Garden furniture will look rather old over time and will attack the material if it does not get good weather protection. Although metal garden furniture with the right protection will last a long time, chairs and tables will eventually need a refresher because the colors bleach out under the sun's rays or the paint cracks and bursts.

Give them a fresh look with a fresh coat of paint Instead of buying a new set and enjoy the garden year with old furniture in a color of your choice on the terrace or balcony. The effort for the restoration of the metal garden furniture is limited and can be implemented without prior knowledge with the appropriate paint and tools in the act.

Using this guide remove old paint and stubborn stains and learn how to paint old metal garden furniture.

Clean metal garden furniture

Due to dirt, moss stains and bird droppings The garden furniture looks soon unsightly. For a regular basic cleansing a mild suds and a rag is sufficient. In this way, the paint remains intact. Stubborn stains can be removed in case of emergency with a high-pressure cleaner, but should be set to a low level, otherwise the color could flake off under the hard water jet.

For rust, an unusual method is recommended: Pour phosphoric cola on the rusty places and let the lemonade act for several hours if possible. The phosphoric acid dissolves superficial rust on metal parts and even screws. If this is not possible, all you have to do is treat the corroded areas with emery paper or the wire brush. The latter also applies if you want to remove the top layer of paint on garden chairs and tables.

Painting old metal garden furniture

Paint and restore old metal garden furniture: restore

With a wire brush, the surface of the garden chair is roughened.

Material and tool list

  • Wire brush or wire brush attachment for the drill
  • metal primer
  • Metal paint from the same manufacturer system as the primer
  • brush
  • Dremel 8200
  • SpeedClic ™ mandrel SC402 and fine sanding discs 511S and 512S
  • SpeedClic ™ Fine Grinding Brushes 471S, 472S and 473S
  • Aluminum oxide grinding wheel 541
  • mouthguard
  • safety goggles
  • working gloves

    Paint and restore old metal garden furniture: garden

    Sand the old paint completely off the garden chair.

Step 1: Roughen the surface of the garden furniture

So that the new paint keeps on the metal, The garden furniture must be cleaned before painting soiling. Use a mild soapy solution and dry the furniture.

To remove the old paint and for a better grip of the new paint will be the old painting with a wire brush removed and the surface roughened.

Paint and restore old metal garden furniture: furniture

Then apply the primer and let it dry.

Step 2: Sand the old paint

Before painting, you must first sand off the old paint. Insert the SpeedClic ™ mandrel and a coarse, medium, or fine grinding wheel, and gently machine the surface.

It is recommended for curved or structured shapes a fine sanding brush, while the fine sanding discs are used on flat surfaces. In between, check whether the surface feels smooth.

Paint and restore old metal garden furniture: metal

Paint and sand the garden furniture with a special metal paint in several passes.

Step 3: Prime garden furniture

For a long stop and better adhesion will be a primer applied to all metal parts. Note that primer and paint are suitable for metal and come from the same manufacturer's system.

Step 4: Paint metal garden furniture

After the primer will Apply the metal paint with a brush. Depending on the opacity of the paint several passes are necessary between which the paint must dry completely and the surface should be sanded.

After the last paint job and the subsequent drying phase, the restored garden furniture can be used again.

Tip: Take care one To choose metal paint with integrated rust protection, which protects your garden furniture from the weather and new rust stains.

Paint and restore old metal garden furniture: metal

Garden furniture made of metal after restoration.

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