Goodbye old coat! Remove wall paint completely

Of course, wall paint has the property to adhere more or less firmly to its substrate, moreover, it is usually water-insoluble. All this does not make it easy to remove an old coating from the wall; hard resources are always needed. But look closely: Maybe your color is not sitting directly on the plaster, but on a wallpaper, which gives you a significant work advantage!

Wall paint on wallpaper: luck!

Maybe she can not perceive under the many layers of paint, the wallpaper, which is at the very bottom of the plaster. But if it is present, then you have it much easier.

You just have to perforate the wall paint with a hedgehog roll or scratch it with the cutter, so that water can get to the bond. Then moisten the surface thoroughly several times and then remove the wallpaper together with the wall paint mechanically.

Remove wall paint from plaster: different methods

However, if the wall paint is painted directly on the plaster, then it will be as dirty as it is exhausting, no matter which method you choose.

With good luck you have caught an old glue paint that can be washed off with water and sponge, but if not, we make the following suggestions:

Fill the coatingsharp spatula toolno chemistry, easy with peeling paintexhausting, with stuck color little success
Sand the wall paintSwinging sleeper, milling machineless exhausting, quite effectivedespite dust very dusty
Cumshot old paintHigh pressure cleaner, sandblasterpowersavingonly for outdoor use
Release old coating by heatingHot air blower, hand spatulaeasier than purely manualpossibly gifitge vapors arise
Remove wall paintStripper and hand spatulapowersavingHarmful to environment and health, not possible with all colors

Each of these methods requires a certain amount of effort and tenacity from you, and there is always a lot of dirt. Unfortunately, wall paint can not be removed without these necessary symptoms.

Tips & Tricks

Check if your wall paint still has enough surface adhesion to build a new coating on it. You can mechanically remove and apply scattered loose spots, then it might be possible to paint, plaster or smooth the surface for a tiled surface.

Video Board: How to Strip Paint: WARNING this is hard to watch!