Where to buy old roof tiles?

Whenever the roof of a historic building needs to be repainted or redeveloped, it often becomes difficult to find matching historic tiles, which in some cases can be a real challenge. What is there where, you can read in this article in detail.

Historic or classic

One of the oldest roof tiles in use in Germany is the Krempziegel, whose use goes back to the 11th century. But this real classic is far from extinct - you get it today in true to original appearance from brand new production.

Even classic beaver variants are still found today in modern brick manufacturers, as well as some proven classic models, which are often found on historic buildings.

Where to buy old roof tiles?: roof

For others, it is difficult to find replicas - such as monk and nun roof tiles, which were always made of two different brick variants. However, under certain circumstances, it is possible to resort to an optically similar alternative, such as double trough folding tiles.

Real historic roof tiles are - if still usable - very difficult to find. They are then also priced far above the usual, still manufactured replicas, which are often already available at 0.70 EUR per piece.

Ways to buy true to the original old brick

  • modern production - many manufacturers also have a large number of classic models
  • private dealer or
  • established dealer of historical building materials

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • dachziegel.de: Here you will find a wide selection of different, also classic brick models, plus a lot of useful information.
  • dachziegelarchiv.de: Here
    There is a list of all manufacturers of historic roof tiles.
  • scarce-online.de: The company also produces historic roof tiles.

That way you can keep costs down

Align yourself above all to the look - many old roofing forms can be imitated quite well with modern bricks. Of course, it will be difficult if you have certain requirements to fulfill, as far as the covering is concerned.

Tips & Tricks

Make sure that you often have to rebuild the battens for a roof renovation - not all modern tile shapes fit on the old battens.

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