Replace old skylight - planning in 4 steps

The replacement of an old skylight brings several advantages. In most cases, a new window offers a higher level of living comfort, more light and better thermal insulation. The effort is limited if the same size skylight is installed.

Nice view and fresh air

In contrast to the old window, with a new skylight window you usually get a modern and brighter design for the living space under the roof in addition to a larger glass pane.

For the new skylights, there are also plenty of practical accessories that fits exactly to the roof window size. Nevertheless, one should exchange the skylight as one to one, in order to avoid a cumbersome and expensive rafter exchange.

Replace old skylight - planning in 4 steps: window

Step by step planning for the roof window replacement

Anyone who takes into account the following four steps in the planning in advance, will have more of the new roof window and pay less.

1. Which size should be installed?

The advantage of having the same size installed in an exchange is its simplicity. A craftsman completes this exchange in a few hours. In addition, no rafter exchange is required and the roof does not need to be changed.

2. Which material should you use?

Wooden windows certainly have their place, but the sloping skylights keep the moisture longer and cause damage more quickly. When replacing plastic so today is the better choice.

3. Headroom through folding swing window

When planning the new roof window, you should also decide whether to reinstall a swing window that has the tilt mechanism in the middle.

The other variant is a folding swing window, which is completely folded upwards on the upper hinge. So you get a lot of headroom and can ventilate better.

4. Automatic electric window opening

Comfort is written big today. If you replace the skylight anyway, you should consider whether you do not want to be equipped for the future and want to have an electrically operable window installed today.

Tips & Tricks

If you really want to live in the rooms under the roof all year round, you should plan with the replacement of the roof window equal to an external blind. If this is later retrofitted, the installation is significantly more expensive and the panel would have to be removed again.

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