Remove old polystyrene panels from the ceiling

Removing a ceiling panel made of polystyrene panels or old insulation on the ceiling is one of the main drawbacks of this material. Bonded constructions often have to be pushed down to the bare concrete. The work is exhausting and expensive. Mechanical violence is usually unavoidable.

Cut grid-shaped division

Styrofoam boards glued to a ceiling can be glued to point gluing or over the entire surface. First, it should be determined which variant is present. With a cutter or wallpaper knife, a plate is divided into rectangles in a grid shape. Simplify cutting with a heated blade.

Then the individual rectangles are impaled with a fork and, if possible, pulled off. All rectangles that can not be removed mark the adhesive dots and areas. In the best case, only individual rectangles remain, for example at the corners of the polystyrene plate. They can be scraped off with a spatula.

Remove Styrofoam to the adhesive layer

Styrofoam glues form a rock-hard layer between the back of the slab and the ceiling. To get to the adhesive layer, the Styrofoam must be removed. This can be supported with the grid distribution described above. The individual rectangles are scraped off with a sharp spatula.

In favor of the later disposal and supply in the recycling the Styrofoam should be sorted sorted. When the adhesive layer is reached, styrofoam with adhesive buildup should not occur. Thus, if it is not treated with the flame retardant HBCD treated plates, the emergence of hazardous waste can be reduced. Clean and untreated Styrofoam may be disposed of in residual waste.

Crafting options of removal

The exposed adhesive layer can be processed by the following methods:

  • scrape
  • sand
  • milling
  • refuse
  • pry

Depending on the adhesive, a wallpaper remover that operates on water vapor can dissolve the adhesive. To limit annoying electrical charge, it is helpful to spray lightly with water. If the ceiling is plastered, it is often only possible to sand down on the bare concrete. For this purpose, a hammer drill can be used.

Tips & Tricks

If you first remove the edge panels from the ceiling, you can use a hot cutting wire to "shave" the panels further inboard. A "razor" can be constructed, for example, with the hanger of a wood saw.

Artikelbild: ALPA PROD / Shutterstock

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