Dispose of old wall paint safely: That's right!

Wall paint, even broken, can be kept well closed for a while. But at some point is over, then the old paint begins to spill, does not look good or is just just in the way around. The only question is: how can the leftovers be disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner? We did a thorough research!

Dried paint is easy to dispose of

If your paint residue is dried material, then you have it especially easy: You can easily dispose of colored crumbs and lumps in your household waste. Even paint-encrusted brushes and rollers belong in the gray bin.

The old paint bucket belongs in the yellow bag, if no liquid color is more contained. A small amount of dried paint may be included in this case, but if the bucket is full of dry paint, you should first empty it.

To do this, firmly press the outer walls of the container together so that the solid color dissolves, and then pour the contents into the household waste. Any residues can be removed with the steel spatula. Now the plastic bucket is ready for recycling!

How to Dispose of Liquid Wall Paint!

Liquid wall paint, however, belongs neither in the household waste nor in the yellow sack. At the recycling center, ask the conditions under which you can deliver your waste there. An alternative is the pollutant mobile, which regularly rotates in most municipalities.

However, both of these options are always subject to a fee, so you can ever pull out your wallet - unless you opt for a completely different, clever solution!

Dry liquid wall paint before disposal

Since dry paint is a household waste, but liquid paint is hazardous waste, it would certainly be a good solution to simply dry the paint before disposal. This can be done in different ways:

  • Paint buckets with small residues just leave open; but beware: do not risk solvent accumulation in the air!
  • Paint residues on old wallpaper strips or other waste paper, allow to dry and dispose of
  • Enrich larger paint residues in the bucket vigorously with sand and allow to dry, crumble and fill into the household waste bin

Alternatively: Use old wall paint for painting

If your wall paint residue is still in good condition and you just do not want to have the big bucket standing around, then simply fill in the paint with screwed jars: it keeps it safe and sound.

You may soon be able to use the preserved remains for a creative painting project, or repair a painted surface with it. Overall, this is the most environmentally friendly way to deal with old wall paint, because the paint is fully used!

Tips & Tricks

If you are already hoarding white emulsion paint in screw jars, you can buy the same tinting colors in different shades and paint a beautiful mural. Even the garage door or the next screen can be designed so cost-effective!

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