Rescue old wooden stairs with a coating

A coating for wooden stairs is usually considered when the wood is very old and hardly restored or has many, even repaired, damage. The treads can be coated with different materials, which are usually firmly glued. More extensive coatings are referred to as panels.

Coating or dressing

The potential weaknesses of wooden stairs are the treads and to a lesser extent the risers. The landing surfaces can be severely impaired both visually and functionally. Leaky steps additionally promote a risk of slipping. A stair tread can maintain the wooden staircase in your overall design and remedy the deficiencies.

Technically, the coating of stairs is done in different ways. There are varnish-like coatings that spread and harden. Special coatings such as stone carpets can be mounted firmly on the treads with a binder or consist of mats, which like other materials are glued on the steps.

Materials and materials

The coatings used to reclaim wooden stairs offer a variety of materials and materials:

  • Laminate as optical wood substitute
  • PVC as a waterproof coating
  • Sisal as a natural break-resistant extension
  • Vinyl for heavily used stairs
  • Carpet as a loose or solid coating

In principle, a vertical coating of the risers is a further option. Visually, the wooden staircase then receives a material-strange walkway with a retaining structure made of visible wood. If also the cheeks are coated, it is spoken of a disguising of the wooden stairs.

material properties

Often wood staircase coatings are a compromise in preserving the look of the woodwork and renovating an internal staircase. When choosing the material for the coating, several factors should be considered:

  • slip resistance
  • Optical appearance in interaction with the wood
  • Material thickness and resulting attachment
  • cleanability
  • Durability and durability
  • abrasion resistance
  • longevity

A prerequisite for a durable and durable coating is a clean through-dried staircase without rotten or morbid areas or components.

Tips & Tricks

If you need to coat your wooden staircase, as an alternative, repairing with real wood in slab or veneer form is usually possible. Here are tips on staircase coverings.

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