Olive wood - which care?

Cutlery handles and breakfast boards made of olive wood conjure together with other kitchen items a pretty Mediterranean flair in the kitchen and the dining room. But how do you care for olive wood properly? You can find the answer to this question here.

Proper cleaning of olive wood

Olive wood is a natural material that, although wood is quite durable and robust, but still has its sensitivities. This also applies to contact with water and various cleaning agents.

  • Clean olive wood products only with a damp cloth
  • Do not leave olive wood products in water during cleaning!
  • For heavy soiling, always clean with a soft sponge
  • Detergent only if absolutely necessary, if then use very sparingly
  • Never place olive wood products (!) In the dishwasher
  • Avoid extreme temperatures (near the stove, in the fridge)


Bacteria die relatively quickly on olive wood. This is partly due to the wood ingredients. Bacteria can last much longer on plastic. You do not have to scrub your olive wood products like crazy.

Oils of olive wood

Oiling is a great way to protect and conserve any wood. This is not absolutely necessary, since most olive wood objects in any case absorb enough fat by touching them with their hands and through contact with food. You can, if you like, but with olive oil something to help. It must be warm (50° C) rubbed into the olive wood - not cold because the wood is otherwise greasy and turns black.


Like almost every wood, olive wood will eventually develop a patina. Oiling with olive oil does not prevent this patina formation - it even accelerates it. If you do not like it, you should not oil it, so the patina forms slowly.

Tips & Tricks

Also, "universal oils" such as linseed oil may be a way to maintain your olive wood. Linseed oil is suitable for practically every wood. However, it takes a long time to move in, with linseed oil varnish (boiled linseed oil) you are better advised. Incidentally, linseed oil is harmless to health, as it is itself a food.

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