Sharpen a knife on a whetstone

According to the name, knives are sharpened by angled pulling on a teaser. In addition to the correct angle, controlled movements with as even pressure as possible for sharpening are of elementary importance. Mostly two stone sides with different grain sizes are used.

Two-sided universal stones

The common universal honing stones used in private homes have a coarse-grained and a fine sanding side. The grits move on the coarse side between 200 and 800 grit, on the fine side between 800 and 3000 grit. In Japan and the USA there are different scales for grain sizes.

Watering the whetstone to saturation is a basic requirement to achieve the desired abrasive effect. The water forms together with small grain particles the actually effective grinding mass. In order to always allow optimal sharpening, the paste must be removed without residue after each sanding cycle when cleaning the honing stone.

Instructions on how to sharpen a knife on the whisk

  • whetstone
  • water
  • knife
  • Rush-resistant pad
  • If necessary, peel off

Water the stone

Put the whisker in a water bath until it is soaked. The saturation can be recognized by the absence of rising air bubbles.

2. Position

Place the whetstone with the coarse grain side up on a non-slip surface. Rubber is good.

3. Apply

Put the knife on the tip of the blade. Try to imagine the angle using an extended line of the last blade bevel in front of the cutting edge. You must maintain this angle as precisely as possible throughout the removal process.

4. grinding

You can either start over and over again and pull the blade towards the body. With a little practice it is also possible to turn 180 degrees at each end of the grinding path. How to sharpen the knife in one operation on both sides.

5. Fine grinding

Turn the whetstone about twenty times and repeat the procedure on the finer grained side.

6. Remove burrs

Finally, gently pry the blade twice at a diagonal angle to remove the burr. Gentler is the burr removal with a peel-off leather.

Tips & Tricks

Pay attention to the flatness of the stone surface. At the latest with deviations of two millimeters you must dress the Abziehstein.

Video Board: Sharpening Knife on a Whetstone with Master Sushi Chef Hiro Terada.