On a leather sofa to repair the color punctually

Genuine leather is frugal and can, provided the right tools, visually repair well. In the case of partial re-dyeing, it is advisable to wet the color particles embedded in natural carriers. Smaller repairs can be made with leather coloring pencils resembling fiber or felt-tip pens.

Always test before

It happens again and again, the individual places on leather upholstery traces, which originate from scratches. They can be tightened relatively easily with leather color pencils. Fat and dust-free is the prerequisite for the required durability.

If normal fiber or felt-tip pens are used, it should be checked if it is dry on and in the leather. Permanent markers usually bring along this property. Ideally, there will be a test stain on a hidden spot. It should be examined after several days of drying for abrasion resistance. For this, a clean white cloth is suitable, with which lightly rubbed back and forth on the colored surface.

This rubbing was intended to mimic the movement that results from normal use. If the cloth remains clean, it can be assumed that the applied color does not rub off on clothing or skin later.

Border between mending and dyeing

As repairs can be called paint jobs that do not exceed the width of two centimeters. For broader jobs, it is more likely to talk about dyeing or color.

For flat colorations, the type of color is to be observed. While "thin" pencil lines do not affect the overall texture of the leather, wider jobs need to be handled by breathable means.

Eliminate mechanical damage

Classic color changes occur through scratches in the leather sofa. In this case, only the color image may be impaired or the leather surface may be injured. In addition to the thorough cleaning, a "leveling" of substantial scratches is required.

With abrasive paste or sandpaper with 800 grit or finer the spot to be repaired is sanded smooth. Cavities or cracks must be filled with liquid leather depending on the depth.

Tips & Tricks

After painting, "knead" and "walk" the machined areas. Leather distributes the color in its structure. Greater durability can be achieved if you repeat the mending several times and repeatedly give your leather a "massage".

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