Refresh the color on the leather sofa

If the colors on a leather sofa are faded, they can be refreshed by re-dyeing. Important when applying the paint is that the pores are not closed and the breathability is maintained. Special color and a gentle application technique ensure a lasting refreshment without material impairment.

Incorrect staining can promote long-term damage

Paint applications should only be made with special agents that allow the color particles to penetrate the leather. Sealing varnish-like colors can damage the leather. Special leather colors behave much like impregnants. They penetrate into the leather and distribute themselves in the structure without sticking to the pores.

If, instead of refreshing, a general recoloring of the leather sofa is desired, there are limitations by the type of leather and the type of processing. Improper dyeing can produce the desired effect in the short term. Since leather sofas, however, in principle have a virtually unlimited lifespan, often only in the medium term, when the leather has to "suffer".

Three steps

For a leather sofa or a couch starting at purchase prices of about 500 euros worth a professional dyeing is almost always possible. As a guideline, twenty percent of the new price should be rated as a reasonable price.

To refresh colors, at least three steps are required:

  • A deep cleansing that also gets fat and dust from the deeper leather substance
  • Leather color applied by spraying or incorporation with a sponge
  • A breathable finish seal that prevents discoloration and abrasion

Another prerequisite for a successful freshening or dyeing is the repair of any breaks and scratches. A smooth or smooth grinding can level scratches. The abrasive used are fine emery papers from 800 grit or leather grinding pastes. Fractures and cracks can be closed with liquid repair leather preparations.

Important factor time

The cleansing preparatory cleaners are referred to as preparers. In most cases, you are alcohol-based. Time is an important factor in any real leather business. Both after cleaning and dyeing, the leather tends to be given too much time rather than too little time. Depending on the type of leather, material thickness and workmanship, an effective distribution can take several days.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to make occasional color improvements, offer special fiber pens for leather.

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