Set the time on the motion detector

Motion detectors trigger a circuit by monitoring them. This circuit is then switched for a specific time frame. How long the circuit lasts, you can determine for most detectors by an individual time setting. How to set the time for a motion detector is summarized below.

Setting the switching time for the motion detector

Motion detectors monitor the internal circuitry in different ways. The circuit is maintained for a defined time frame. The time setting can be adjusted for most motion detectors. The following options for time setting are possible:

  • infinitely variable at the detector
  • in steps at the detector
  • via code programming at the detector
  • about a setting of the parameters for example in an app (for smart homes)

A blanket guide to time setting does not exist

Therefore, it is not possible to provide a concrete guide for the time setting. Rather, you must read the instructions for use of your own motion detector. There is a concrete explanation of how you can set the time according to your needs. However, if you no longer have instructions for use, you will need to try the setting until the time window is right. With blinking codes it gets complicated because the coding has to be known.

Tips & Tricks

You should only use motion detectors from reputable manufacturers, because with such devices, the instructions for use can often be downloaded in the network if they are lost.

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