Replace the slats on the shutters

The roller shutter is made up of individual rails or slats, which are mounted one after the other. These lamellas are certainly wearing parts, which after many years of performance show different traces of stress. Thus, replacing the slats on a roller shutter is one of the jobs that always come back to a home improvement. In the following, we explain in a detailed guide how to swap the slats of your shutters quickly and efficiently.

Construction of a shutter

A shutter is rolled up on a roll over the window. This is the basic principle that makes a roller shutter possible. But so that the roller shutter can be rolled up, the individual slats must be movable to each other. The slats themselves can be made of different materials.

  • Wood (rather rare, because extremely care-intensive)
  • Metal (mostly aluminum)
  • Plastic (very common)

The replacement of the individual slats is basically similar. There are also different shutter systems.

  • Superstructure or top-mounted roller shutters (in the lintel in the façade wall)
  • Attachment or prefabricated roller blinds (outside on the window frame or above the window on the facade)

Differences between pre- and construction roller shutters

Again, the procedure is basically the same. The only noteworthy difference: What you do with top roller shutters from the inside, you do with external blinds, because also the roller shutter box is outside.

Advantages compared to the complete replacement of the roller shutter

If you also want to replace only individual slats, this has the advantage that you never have to completely remove the roller shutter. Depending on in which area (upper or lower half of the roller shutter armor) you want to replace fins, a section of the then necessary work suffices. Incidentally, you can find instructions on how to replace the entire tank under Replacing roller shutter armor.

Step-by-step instructions for replacing individual roller shutter slats

  • new slats for the shutters
  • possibly wooden wedge
  • possibly new straps (metal)
  • different screwdrivers
  • little hammer
  • side cutter
  • Wasserpumpenzange
  • old (blunt) chisel
  • foremen

I. Replacing louvers in the lower part of the shutter

1. Remove the end strip

To replace louvers in the lower part of the roller shutter, you must remove it from the side guide rails. After the last lamella, there follows a stop system so that the roller shutter armor can not slip out of the guide at the top.

Either this is an L-shaped angle, which is fixed (old version), a movable L-profile (quasi foldable) or there are rubber stopper screwed as a conclusion.

2. Special features with L-shaped end strip

Simply fold in the movable L-profile, you can unscrew the rubber stoppers quickly. Only the massive L-profile means a little more effort. From the inside (on the room side) drive with the chisel between the last lamella and the profile and push it slowly sideways until you can remove it completely.

3. Pull the roller shutter over the guide rails and replace the blades

For the following work you need a helper: one person now pulls up the blinds inside, the second person pulls the bottom slats to themselves, as soon as they have reached the end of the lateral guide rails. Now the first person drops the shutters down to an optimal working height. You can now pull out the corresponding slats you want to replace laterally.

II. Replacing slats at the top of the shutter

1. Open roller shutter box

In principle, you are now going the other way around. Now you do not have to remove the bottom end bar, you must remove the first slat at the top of the roller in the roller shutter box. To do this, open the roller shutter box. How this works and what special features have to be considered, we have summarized under "Roller shutter box open" for you.

2. Fix the belt retractor

Now let the roller shutter down completely. Now open the side box for the belt retractor. Keep the belt on tension. There is a strong spring in the reel that would otherwise roll back the reel by itself. Inside you now have to fix the strap. Many systems use a metal nose that you simply bend in the direction of the belt and thus determine the belt.

3. Pull out shutters as required and replace blades

Now you can release the straps at the top of the roller shutter box. Pull the roller shutters out until you can pull out the defective or exchangeable slats sideways. In reverse order, insert the new slats and rebuild the system.

Tips & Tricks

Old blind systems use tapes as attachment. Newer systems, however, metal bands, possibly even a slat to be inserted (rarely). If you still have old tapes (made of nylon or jute-like), you should replace it on this occasion for more resistant and therefore more durable metal straps. In the house journal, we offer you to many interesting home improvement topics revealing article. So also to the outside stairs tile.

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