Optimal slope for the gutter

The slope for the new gutter should not be underestimated. However, it should not be too strong, because on the one hand looks funny and on the other hand, the water will spill over the downpipe inlet.

Horizontal installation of the gutter

The manufacturers of the gutters indicate in their instructions, although the channel can also be grown horizontally for visual reasons. But any expert will advise against it, because the self-cleaning of the gutter does not work that way.

Calculate longitudinal gradient

The Guidelines for Metal Deckers provide a longitudinal gradient of one to three millimeters per meter of gutter. However, a really effective self-cleaning effect in the gutter actually begins only at five millimeters per meter groove.

The self-cleaning effect is important to flush out dirt and leaves from the gutter. Otherwise, a mud bath at the bottom of the gutter soon collects and the water can not run off anymore.

Consider gradient during assembly

Depending on your taste, the gutter should be placed with about three to five millimeters of slope per meter. In order to find the planned slope later on the gutter, you first calculate the height difference.

Mind you with a gutter length of ten meters that is only three to five centimeters!

Fit gutter holder to the slope

So that the gutter holder of the gutter also allow a corresponding slope, you should first attach the holder at the end of the gutter. From there you stretch a string to the point where the drainpipe finds its place.

First, you can find the same height with the spirit level as at the other end of the wall. Then you can mark from there the said three to five millimeters per meter gutter length. Here then the second gutter bracket is attached.

Fit middle gutter bracket

Once the two outer holders have been mounted, the string is stretched between the two holders again. Along this line of line then the other brackets are attached to keep the gradient well over the track.

Important devices for creating a gradient

  • long string
  • spirit level
  • Hydrostatic level
  • ruler
  • felt-tip pen

Tips & Tricks

Although it is emphasized in each guideline, that the gutter really does not need a cross slope. But if it is tilted away from the wall a few millimeters to the front, an extreme downpour can not soak the façade so much.

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