Calculate slope or gradient

Calculate slope or gradient: percent

Possible measuring and aids
  • Tape measure for length determination
  • Folding scale for determining length
  • Laser rangefinder for length determination
  • Calculator for calculating the data
  • Inclinometer for direct measurement of inclination
  • Spirit level with angle indicator
  • analog protractor
  • Clinometer protractor

As a handyman, you always come back into the situation of having to calculate an incline. Or just a gradient, which is synonymous for your calculation.

Mostly it is about calculating the slope for a drainage pipe or the roof pitch of a terrace roofing. To calculate formulas, functions, and derivatives, as they once did in math lessons, most have long forgotten.

If you do not want to reactivate all the mathematics knowledge - which can be exciting, follow our instructions and / or our tips and links to online computers and get to your goal.

From road traffic, we know the signs to climbs or slopes in percent, while you get to do in planning a terrace or patio roofing usually with a slope or a gradient in degrees.

Further explanations of various measuring instruments can be found in our overview "Measuring correctly".

Common examples of how to encounter home improvement:

Calculate slope or gradient: percent

With flat roof tiles roofs can be covered from 22°.
  • Your sewer should have a gradient of 1%.
  • Your patio roof should have a roof pitch of at least 5 degrees.
  • The gutter should receive a gradient of 3%.
  • Roof plastic panels min. 15°
  • Bitumen shingles 18° to 85°
  • Slate double specs: at least 22°

These projects are usually not about one percent point behind the decimal, but more about staying within a certain range.

Slope or slope - What does the traffic sign indicate?

Calculate slope or gradient: percent

Shield 4% slope

Calculate slope or gradient: percent

Shield 4% slope

First of all: For the calculation, it does not matter if it is a slope, a slope or an inclination. Here already the viewing angle determines the name.

In fact, downslope and incline are both downhill slopes while the slope is uphill.

This explains the reading process of the corresponding traffic signs. InReading direction from left to right, If the graph increases in this direction, it is an indication of an upcoming slope. If the graphic falls off, a gradient is to be expected.

Calculate slope in percent

In order to calculate a linear slope in percent, the following values ​​are required:

  • route
  • height difference

The indication of a slope or a gradient in percent (for example on a traffic sign) always refers to a distance of 100 m and a height difference of 100 m. This gives 45° and thus a slope or a slope of 100%. Since 100 m difference in height corresponds to 100% for a distance of 100 m, this does not have to be expected. Each altitude meter gives 1%.

It looks different, if not 100 m is assumed. If the distance is 25 m, for example, the difference in height would be 25 m = 100%. If a height difference of 5 m is to be specified in percent, the 5 m to 25 m (100%) must be put into proportion.

25 m = 100%
5 m = X

For the calculation first the two diagonal values ​​(5 x 100) are multiplied and then divided by the single value (25 diagonal to the X). The bill is therefore:

X = 5m x 100% / 25m
X = 5x100 / 25
X = 20

Calculate slope or gradient: percent

To understand: 5 m are 1/5 of 25 m, so we need for the percentage of 1/5 of 100%, which corresponds to 20%.

How to convert degrees to percent and vice versa?

The conversion from percent to degrees or degrees to percent is comparatively difficult. A simple ratio calculation leads to wrong results. For home improvement purposes, reading the appropriate value in a table is best. Basically, it is good for understanding if you know that 45 degrees = 100% slope accordingly. A higher value is an unmistakable indication of a thinking or calculation error.

Use this table to determine how many degrees are percent and vice versa:


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