If you would like to plant an orchard, you can get a brief overview of where to go on the following pages. An orchard promises not only a colorful variety of fruits, but also with appropriate care and care rich crops from which you can consume long and healthy.

Create orchard

Whether berry bush, fruit tree or small crops in a separate bed - the cultivation of fruits and fruits in their own garden succeeds with our cultivation tips and care instructions even inexperienced hobby gardeners. It depends primarily on the optimal location and the species-specific soil preparation and care.

Browse through our numerous articles and be inspired to a new orchard design. Look forward to fresh fruit from the home garden!

Orchard: orchard

Plant a fruit tree

If you want to create your own orchard, it would be a good idea to first inquire which fruit varieties thrive best in the region. Anyone who knows a resident fruit grower can get tips on the spot or get information from the respective chamber of agriculture. More general tips and tricks for planting fruit trees, we have gathered here.

Plant apple tree

Plant apples and cut apple tree

The pome fruit plant can be grown in the garden in different varieties. Decisive for a healthy plant growth and a rich fruit harvest is the ideal location and a regular pruning. If you also want to harvest your own apple varieties, learn here what you should consider when planting apple trees.

Black chokeberry

Plant and maintain Aronia

The aronia is often referred to as an apple-berry and is considered a special source of vitamins in winter. The frost-hardy shrub is ideal for planting in the home garden and does not require special site conditions. For fresh consumption, the harsh apple fruits are less suitable. Learn more about planting and maintaining aronia varieties below.

Fresh pears

Plant pears and cultivate pear tree

Pears love warmth and thrive in southern orientation especially well. For small gardens or the balcony, special column bulbs in container planting are suitable, for large home gardens, a classic tree trunk with a shapely treetop can be selected. Learn more about planting and maintaining a pear tree below.

Fresh blackberries

Plant and cultivate blackberries

The blackberries are among the collective stone fruits and can be easily planted in the garden, as they thrive well on almost all soils and achieve a high harvest yield with easy care. Botanists distinguish between creeping and vertically growing varieties. Learn more about the correct cultivation and the trellising of blackberries.

Fresh strawberries

Plant and care for strawberries

The herbaceous-growing strawberry plant requires some site conditions that are crucial for a successful harvest in the summer. Nevertheless, the strawberry is generally considered undemanding and easily cultivated. If you also want to grow the red berries in the garden, you will find below all the information you need to grow and care for strawberries.

Pickled raspberries

Plant and nurture raspberries

The raspberry is an easy-care rose plant that thrives particularly well on deep and humus rich soil. The fruit-bearing raspberry rhizomes should be supported by a climbing aid and thus serve as a natural wind and visual protection. Read the following article for interesting information on planting and cultivating raspberries.



Black, red or white? In which colors would you like the Gichtbeeren? In which manifestations and under what name the tasty vitamin C donor is still known, read here. No matter what you call them: With the currant, the garden lover gets a splendid piece of nature into the bed. Now read more about the currant.

Plant cherries

Plant cherries and cut cherry tree

When the cherry trees are in full bloom and their little white petals are falling like confetti rain on parks and promenades, spring has finally begun! In Japanese culture, the cherry blossom is a departure and that fits wonderfully with the mood that arises after the cold season, when nature returns from their hibernation. If you want to admire the awakening of nature in your own garden, read here what you have to pay attention to in cherry trees.

Harvested plums

Plant and maintain the plum tree

Botanists distinguish among the plum trees seven subspecies, which include, for example, the plums. The fruit tree is considered easy to care for and can be easily cultivated in the garden, while the right location is crucial for a good harvest in late summer. Here you will find useful information on the cultivation and care of plum trees.

Green gooseberries

Plant and care for gooseberries

The summer green shrubs of the gooseberry are considered to be particularly easy to care for and can be planted in the kitchen garden or as a pure ornamental plant. The varieties of hairy fruit promise a variety of flavors. If you also want to cultivate the fruit trees, learn more here about the cultivation and care of shrubs and high trunks of gooseberry.

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