Clean Oriental carpet without damaging it

Although many cleaning companies and experts advise against cleaning an Oriental carpet on their own, not much speaks against it. It goes without saying that the right cleaning agents have to be selected. Proper machining virtually eliminates damage.

Cleanser and grease back

The basic guide for cleaning an Oriental rug is care. This starts with the selection of cleaning agents. They should be mild and pH neutral. Conventional detergents containing the chemically active surfactants should not be brought into contact with the Oriental carpet.

During the cleaning process, care should be taken to minimize the moisture load. Short watering does not affect the Oriental carpet, as far as it is then quickly freed from the water again. Important and sustaining is the application of wool fat or lanolin after cleaning. It replaces the rinsed and lost grease that protects the carpet and also gives the shiny look.

Clean Oriental carpet in six steps

  • Mild pH neutral detergent
  • water
  • vacuum cleaner
  • Soft brush
  • scrubbing brush
  • Soft lint-free cloth
  • Carpet bar or slat construction

1. Pre-cleaning

Thorough pre-cleaning is very important in order to bind even more dust particles stored during later wet cleaning in the carpet. Thorough suction may suffice, even more careful is the careful dry knocking on the carpet bar.

2nd color test

Foam in a small, slightly visible area, let it work in and brush it off with a brush. If the ink fades, the detergent is too hot and must be diluted or replaced.

3. Brushes

Distribute the foamy mixed detergent evenly with the line on the carpet surface. The pile should be moistened, but not soaked in water. Brush lightly the Oriental carpet with the line.

4. Rinse

Use the brush washed with clear water to remove the residual foam. Then thoroughly leach with clear water and pull the moisture from the Oriental carpet with the back of the scrubber.

5. Greasing

Apply a lanolin or wool grease solution to the slightly damp carpet with a fresh soft brush or a cloth.

6. Drying

Float the rug freely or hang it on an airy lath construction. Back ventilation is the key word for drying the oriental rug. Change the position of the carpet while it is drying so that each part of the backside is hanging freely at times.

Short wetting important

All oriental rugs have in common that they can not harm them for a short time. When cleaning is important to avoid a long-lasting wetting of the carpet. The operation of water spreading after rinsing is therefore carried out with particular care. Here also a natural sponge or hand-wrapped fabric bales can provide good assistance.

Tips & Tricks

Thorough drying out is essential to avoid later damage in the Oriental carpet. After cleaning, you should follow the interpretation from the Orient, according to which a "healthy" carpet is preceded by a "leisurely" drying.

Video Board: The Oriental Rug Cleaning Process