Paint OSB boards with wall paint

The OSB boards consist of coarse and glued wood chips. This gives them a striking surface structure that remains visible after painting with wall paint. If the painting is to have a smooth appearance, polished OSB panels must be used.

Structure and primer

OSB or coarse particle boards are primarily used as substructures or wall and floor panels. They have a clear rustic-looking surface structure, which is not covered by color. If you like this structure, painting with wall paint is no problem.

Usually wall paint is a water-soluble emulsion paint. If the coated surface should meet high standards, a primer is strongly recommended. Due to the "working" wood chips contained in OSB boards, the wall paint may peel off over time.

Pretreatment and smell

If the OSB board after painting with wall paint to show a painted-looking appearance, the previous pickling and pre-painting is necessary. Priming or pre-painting should be carried out with a solvent-based product. This will prevent any discoloration of water in the OSB board.

Particularly in the interior and in the vicinity of many textiles such as in a wardrobe or bedroom, the odor nuisance due to solvent-based inks plays an important role. Normal wall paints are solvent-free and therefore harmless.

Primers or precursors contain solvents and therefore develop a strong odor, sometimes even over many weeks. However, if the primer is dried out, painting with the paint on the wall can prevent it from drying out. The odor nuisance is "covered" and thus corresponds to the usual duration and intensity of an ordinary wall painting.

Ground OSB boards

If the surface structure should be as low as possible, polished OSB boards are the right choice. A self-grinding should be avoided in any case, since the adhesive and vermicomponent substances of the plates usually cause Formaldehydausdünstungen. Factory finished and cleaned OSB panels can be safely used and painted with wall paint.

Tips & Tricks

Water is the natural enemy of OSB chipboard. The selected type of wall paint should be mixed with the least amount of water, which is possible according to the manufacturer. This prevents possible swelling of individual chips under the paint.

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