Painting OSB boards - instructions

Painting OSB boards - instructions: painting

Paints and colors
  • 2K polyester paint
  • floor finish
  • OSB paint
  • sealing lacquer
  • Floor Hard Oil
  • Stain water base

Coarse particle board or OSB boards have displaced the more commonly used normal particleboard. Their load capacity and their appearance are clearly superior to the traditional chipboard. When painting OSB panels, the vivid structure of the coarse chips can be quite attractive.

If you want to paint OSB panels, you can use ground or unpolished OSB panels. By laying and gluing the panels, small edges can be left standing that have to be sanded down anyway for a very smooth surface.

For OSB panels on the wall, paper can be wallpapered or painted directly onto the OSB panels. All colors are suitable which are suitable for wood, but also wall colors can be used directly on OSB boards. A very special effect arises when pickling OSB boards. A pigmented hard oil is also an option for wall surfaces, floors or furniture made of OSB boards.

Some hints and tips in advance

  • Painting OSB boards - instructions: instructions

    In the open air, prefer to use natural wood and no OSB.
    It is not possible to paint OSB panels outdoors because they are coated and this coating would have to be sanded for the painting, which makes them leaky and thus the suitability for outdoor use is lost. The same applies to OSB wet room trays. On the other hand, painting uncoated OSB boards is no problem.
  • When painting OSB panels, no one knows how the paint looks on the different shavings. For this reason, first coat the paint you have planned (or the complete structure with a finish, etc.) on a remaining piece of OSB board in order to be able to estimate the effect in advance.
  • You can also paint an MDF board, multiplex board or plywood board instead of the OSB installation boards, the result being of course different due to the completely different structure. For example, an MDF board does not provide any structure and is therefore less natural.
  • How to install and glue OSB boards is explained in this guide.

Paint OSB boards with wall paint (walls, furniture, etc.)

OSB_Platten on the wall can also be painted with wall paint. Since OSB boards consist of glued wood shavings of different woods, an insulating base instead of a normal wood primer is recommended, if later no wood constituents are to penetrate through the white wall paint, for example.

Paint OSB boards with other colors

Painting OSB boards - instructions: boards

After a good primer, OSB boards can also be painted.

Instead of an emulsion paint, you can also use an acrylic wall paint or chalk paint. It is best always to take all products from one color system. So for example for the chalk color a reason for chalk paint and a seal from the same program.

A particularly beautiful look and surface you get with wax stain, which is available in many different colors. It is color and seal in one is applied with a rag or sponge and polished the next day. It is suitable for all non-heavily loaded surfaces, such as wood panels, walls, furniture and some. ä.

Last but not least, you can also treat your OSB boards with varnish, stains, hard oil, etc., just like the OSB boards on a floor.

Painting OSB panels - floor

Depending on what you favor, you can only seal or color your floor transparently. Particularly attractive effects can be achieved by colored, but transparent stains.

Paint the floor

If you want to paint the floor, then proceed exactly as with other wood finishes. So grind, clean, prime, apply the first layer of varnish, sand, clean, coat or roll the second layer of varnish, sand, clean, and if necessary finish the third layer of lacquer or sealer.

Painting OSB boards - instructions: instructions

Like other wooden floors, OSB boards can be sanded, painted, oiled...

Keep in mind that a 2K varnish can not be applied over another synthetic resin or acrylic varnish because it would dissolve it. If you use a two-component paint, then only this one. Acrylic and synthetic resin coatings or sealants are usually not combinable.

Stain and seal the soil

The wood structure is highlighted by the pickling. Water-based stains are available in many colors. The floor must be free of paint or wax residue, sanded and cleaned. Then the stain is evenly applied with a rag or a sponge, it can also be sprayed. After the soil is completely dry, the wood fibers that have set up are sanded down with fine sand paper (eg 180s). Then the floor is sealed with clear lacquer (eg with 2K polyester lacquer, OSB lacquer, sealing lacquer).

Oil the floor

Before you treat your floor with floor hard oil, it must be sanded. A 80 to 100 grit is right for that. Too finely ground soil can not absorb enough oil. Then the hard oil is applied with a brush, a short-fiber roll, a lint-free cloth or solvent-resistant plastic sponge. After about 15 to 20 minutes, the entire surface is rubbed with a lint-free cloth until a uniformly silky matt surface is formed.

Author: Christiane Baldwin

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