Fill OSB panels to make every wall smooth

Quickly pulled up is such a partition made of chipboard. But if it should look particularly high quality afterwards, it also takes a little effort to apply OSB panels. Now it is important that all joints and bumps are completely invisible and smooth.

If it has to be particularly chic and level

One of the main reasons why these universally applicable chipboards have made it into the eternal hit list of do-it-yourselfers is their attractive price. The final product, if we just go out of an intermediate wall, with a larger living space is to be separated, but then a bit more complicated in the final editing. Because: in contrast to the "normal" chipboard You need to fill OSB panels if they are to be used extensively and additionally painted or papered.

Small material knowledge about chipping boards

Due to the technology, OSB is only produced with one third of the amount of glue used in the production of conventional chipboard. This means that their surface is considerably coarser in structure, but at the same time more moisture can penetrate. Even with painstakingly accurate assembly is therefore always at the bumps and corners of multiple plates a visible gap form, which must be closed before further processing. It is therefore mandatory to fill OSB panelsif paint then evenly cover or wallpaper, after a later primer, glued flat.

Manageable work on the OSB boards

Since the surface structure of this wood material is porous above average, whereby applied paint is really absorbed, is a area-wide application of suitable putty optimal. For this work you need tools and material:

  • Filler (fill and / or joint filler)
  • Spatula (screw grip and surface spatula), smoothing trowel
  • Fugendeckstreifen and corner profiles
  • Whisk or similar (to stir if powder is used)

Preparatory work on the wall

Before you can start filling with OSB panels, All joints must be between the chipboard as well as all connections to masonry, ceiling or floor are carefully closed. Common are:

  • grating strips
  • Joint Tape
  • glass fiber strips

which are usually self-adhesive. Care is particularly important in these areas, so that it does not come later to cracking and possible inclusion of moisture.

Fill OSB panels with the top joints

The technology that is used concretely depends primarily on the characteristics of the filler (plastic or gypsum-bound materials). Relatively simple, clean and fast can handle pasty mixtureswhich are simply applied with a long-pile lambskin roll. In any case, priority is given to the manufacturer's instructions for use, which in the end also help to achieve the optimum result for OSB paneling.

Tips & Tricks

For smaller areas or to fill in the joints between the walls, it is sufficient if you apply putty from the tube or a cartridge to these areas. The impression is always made across the joint, while you should work on the subsequent removal always from top to bottom.

Video Board: How to Get Shiny & Smooth OSB for Furniture