Easter bouquet: Make Easter arrangements yourself

Decoration ideas for Easter bouquets, Easter arrangements and Easter wreaths

Easter bouquet: Make Easter arrangements yourself: bouquet

For Easter Easter colorful eggs decorate so many shrubs in the garden. Especially in Central and Eastern Europe, people know the custom, an Easter bouquet which is traditionally prepared and decorated on Maundy Thursday.

In Germany one often resorts to freshly expelled or flowering branches of shrubs and trees. The bouquet is then hung richly with Easter eggs and pendants - the result is the Easter bouquet, which in Austria under the name "Easter tree" is known. In contrast, the Scandinavians shape it with colorful feathers.

In addition to the bouquets will be happy Spring greetings in the form of Easter arrangements and bouquets of colorful flowers delivered or put as decoration.

Regardless of which variant you choose, here are some suggestions for designing your own Easter bouquets, arrangements and Easter wreaths.

Easter bouquet: Make Easter arrangements yourself: make

Flowering forsythia twigs are freshly cut in the garden for the Easter shrub.

Which branches for the homemade Easter arrangement?

Ideal for the Easter bouquet Forsythia branches. The yellow flowers are colorful and springlike.

Especially in northern Germany will be happy birch branches taken to bind the bouquet, because at this time the fresh birch green is one of the first spring messengers.

Particularly unusual branches of the Corkscrew hazel, which offers more decoration possibilities with its winding branches and stands out visually.

Easter bouquet: Make Easter arrangements yourself: bouquet

Pussy-willow catkins are under nature conservation, which is why you are only allowed to use flowering willow branches bred for sale.

In the past, wild pussy willow, also known as the kitten, was often cut for the Easter bouquet.

Since the small fluffy flowers are now under conservation, Only farmed catkins may be bought in nurseries and used for Easter bouquets.

As an alternative to decorated branches like easter arrangements and bouquets are put together.

The colorful bouquets and arrangements can be filled with early bloomers from the garden and given away as Easter baskets. You can also make opulent Easter arrangements yourself with potted plants.

Easter bouquet: Make Easter arrangements yourself: bouquet

Decorated Easter shrub with colorful eggs and small window pictures.

Easter bouquet: Make Easter arrangements yourself: make

From patterned wallpaper and wrapping paper can be a beautiful jewelry for the shrub tinker.

Easter bouquet: Make Easter arrangements yourself: arrangements

A small bird pendant made of wallpaper.

Make decoration for the Easter bouquet

Only through a rich curtain of Easter decorations he becomes an Easter shrub. When designing, you can let your creativity run free and hang it with colorful or Sorbian Easter eggs or homemade chicks.

In addition, can also be small paper cut motifs and window images of paper with a thread hanging on the shrub, the window image is enclosed by a continuous frame.

If you like to make things, draw Easter bunnies, chicks or colored eggs on construction paper or patterned wallpaper, drill a hole in the upper edge with a needle and hang the homemade Easter decorations on the bush.

Are narcissi compatible with other cut flowers?

The popular for Easter Daffodils, also daffodils called, beautiful bouquets can quickly wither when mixed with other cut flowers. For daffodils but from their stalk a substance in the water, which closes the stems with the other plants and thus prevents water absorption.

If you still want to combine daffodils with other spring flowers, it is advisable to use them previously put in a vase for one dayto make the most of the mucus. Then wipe the stems before creating beautiful Easter bouquets with the plants.

Easter bouquet: Make Easter arrangements yourself: yourself

Yellow daffodils need to stand in a separate vase for a day so as not to harm other flowers.

Easter bouquet: Make Easter arrangements yourself: make

Violet hyacinths bring variety to the Easter bouquets.

Easter bouquet: Make Easter arrangements yourself: make

Tulips are among the most popular spring flowers due to their variety of colors.

After that, daffodils continue to release the substance, which is why we recommend daily to change the flower water and to reapply the other cut flowers every second day, to improve the water absorption.

Likewise have themselves two-walled vases proven. Put the daffodils in one part and tulips or roses in the other half, or use a narrow, small vase for the problematic spring messengers, which is placed in the larger one with the other flowers. In this way you increase the durability of your Easter bouquets.

Tie Easter bouquet and Easter arrangement

In many families it is customary for Easter to give away an Easter bouquet. It is particularly beautiful when it is placed in a vase with spring flowers, such as daffodils, hyacinths or tulips. To hide them, a small Easter nest of willow is tied around them. Likewise, she can be put in a wreath.

Choose this colorful floral bouquet Gerbera, tulips and roses in various pinks and pinks and place them in a narrow, tall vase of water. This is again placed in a tall, wide glass. Fill this with colored eggs in pastel colors until the inner vase is no longer visible.

A lovingly designed arrangement is not only a beautiful table decoration for Easter, but can be given away in spring on various occasions.

Easter bouquet: Make Easter arrangements yourself: Easter

Easter bouquet with colorful eggs, gerberas, roses and pink tulips.

Their variety ranges from bundled willow branches, which are glued with previously cleaned egg shells with hot glue and include a LED tealight, elaborate arrangements with various flowers and decorative elements to fast bouquets, in which several flowers are planted in a decorative plant pot and the earth is decorated with moss, decorative birds or decorated plastic eggs.

The easiest way to tinker Easter arrangement of floral foam. Use a craft knife to cut the wet or dry plug-in compound into the desired shape and shorten the flower stems to the required length.

Thereafter, flowers, flower heads are pushed into the floral foam, before the arrangement is decorated with flower plugs, such as matching birds or decorative balls, and decorative sisal.

Tip: When arranging fresh flowers, make sure that the floral foam does not dry out. Flowers, such as roses, whose stems grow quickly, should be cut at an angle beforehand to improve water absorption.

Easter bouquet: Make Easter arrangements yourself: arrangements

Pink and white Easter bouquet with roses and tulips.

Find an idea for yourself fast Easter arrangement, which requires only a few materials? Then choose a small basket or a braided shell and lay it out with a layer of dry plug-in compound.

As an alternative, crumpled newsprint paper is also suitable as a base on which cardboard is laid out in order to create a flat base.

Then cover the cardboard or floral foam with moss and decorated Easter eggs or little quail eggs - you already have a basket with a small Easter arrangement.

It will be more difficult if you Cover the basket with foil and plant daffodils and bales of earth. Fill in the gaps with potting soil and press firmly.

Attention: That water can not drain away, so you should pour only sparingly, to avoid waterlogging. The upper layer of earth can be decorated with sisal, moss, mushrooms or other decorative elements.

Easter bouquet: Make Easter arrangements yourself: make

Quick Easter arrangement in the basket.

Tinker Easter wreath

In addition to bouquets and arrangements, you can make willow branches from beautiful Easter wreaths and decorate with different plants, eggs and feathers.

For this wreath make a ring out of willow twigs and fix it in between with flower wire.

Alternatively, you can take a wreath and wrap thin willow twigs. Then you can make the Easter wreath at will by sticking Easter eggs colored with hot glue on it.

Easter bouquet: Make Easter arrangements yourself: bouquet

Easter wreath with colorful easter eggs and willow branches.

The underside of the wreath remains free, so that it can be easily placed on the table or hung with a wide ribbon on the door.

Tip: Use a ring of sticking clay to decorate the wreath with spring flowers and stick small birds, hens or bunnies with floral wire that is glued under the figures.

DIY Tutorial Videos

Below we have put together a series of helpful video tutorials for your Easter crafts. Have fun tinkering!

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