Our Black Forest house - and we!

After almost 10 years in Münsterland, we moved irresistibly southwards. Spain first came to our minds as a friend of ours already went there about a year and a half ago. But actually we are attached to our German language and somehow, well, also on the weather... Okay, we just did not want to exchange our rain for regular droughts, even though the Spanish sun was already very enticing.

We then found a job and a cottage in the beautiful Black Forest, far enough away from the north but not quite as far south as planned at the beginning. Amazingly fast, the sale of the row house in the city and the purchase of a detached family house on the flat land with massive garden and a stream nearby.

Historic charm and spider colonies

We simply call the new home in the countryside "our Black Forest house". It has a certain historical charm, although it dates back to the 80s: with its massive dark brown wood shutters, the old-fashioned tiled stove and the creaking floorboard, it simply presents itself with a pleasantly rustic character. Unfortunately, inside and outside, there is still a lot to do, because the previous owner not only made an 80s museum from it with painstaking idleness, but also supported the world domination of the spiders as much as possible. No wonder we have to roll up our sleeves!

The new inhabitants of the Black Forest House

Now for the most important thing: Who are we?

Tim and Elisabeth, both in their 40s, with three nerve-racking children in elementary and kindergarten age. Actually, we had planned the kids as a home and garden renovation, but now we have noticed that we can forget that confidently. Instead, they enliven our video footage of the renovation work with plenty of interesting background noise and abruptly tear us out of work, when once again some "bad luck" has happened.

Carpenter and painter - a renovation dream couple ^^

Tim once learned carpentry in a past life, while Elisabeth was allowed to take the painter's letter. However, these career achievements have already been around for about 20 years, and meanwhile we have moved to completely different jobs. But it does not matter: In the Black Forest house we remember long gone times, hidden talents are blooming again. Well, sometimes something goes wrong, we admit. Just look at it in word, picture and film, maybe we can inspire you too!

Greetings from

Tim, Elisabeth and the 3 Black Forest children

Video Board: Our Black Forest House Tour