Outdoor kitchen made of pallets - how it works

Outdoor kitchens and barbecue areas are often a costly affair when you buy them ready. Here, the self-construction of europallets as a flexible building material often offers. What you have to pay attention to and how you can conjure up a very simple pallet kitchen, read here.

Refer to pallets

Palettes can be purchased either new or used. For new goods you usually have to pay between 5 EUR and 10 EUR per piece. Used pallets are often even cheaper. Pre-treated Euro pallets from the hardware store usually cost between 10 and 20 EUR (new).

For used pallets you should only use the quality level "new" or at least "as new". Damaged, repaired or so-called exchangeable pallets are usually not suitable for self-construction projects.

Prepare pallets

For new goods you only need pallets

  • clean
  • grind and
  • provided with a suitable wood protection (in the case of outdoor pallets work very carefully!)

Of course, you can also varnish pallets, varnish them or provide them with a different kind of surface treatment. Usually they look best in the rustic natural state as "vintage furniture".

pallet dimensions

A Euro pallet has standard dimensions: 1200 mm x 800 mm x 144 mm. In addition, there are numerous special pallets with different dimensions. These include the square barrel pallet (1200 mm x 1200 mm) or the industrial pallet, which is 200 mm wider than the Euro pallet.

All special pallets can be easily obtained from the manufacturers, who almost always deliver very small quantities (can be ordered online).

Simple outdoor kitchen made of pallets

  • pallets
  • connecting material
  • Material for the drawer
  • saw
  • tape measure
  • sharpener

1. Prepare pallets

First clean the pallet thoroughly and then let it dry. Then sand all sides very thoroughly until they are completely smooth.

2. Stack the pallets

Stack the pallets together and secure them together using appropriate means.

3. finished drawers and shelves

The recesses on the longer side of the pallet stack can be closed with self-made drawer elements (if necessary from both sides). The side recesses can be used as shelves.

If you want you can also stack several pallets side by side to get a longer kitchen design. If you want to install devices (such as a refrigerator), you only need to make a corresponding cutout in the pallet stack.

Tips & Tricks

You should not use resinous pallets (made of softwoods). Not only does the resin cause great problems during sanding but also later when it comes to protecting the wood or when painting, and it does not look like resin.

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