Burn oven before startup

Before using a new oven for the first time, you should not only read the instructions carefully. You should also burn the oven before it can be used. Although this costs a bit of electricity, it also eliminates all the annoying odors that otherwise appear in a new oven. Here you will find the instructions for the firing of a new stove.

Brand new oven step by step

  • dish soap
  • water
  • microfiber cloth
  • bucket

1. Wipe out the oven

In a bucket with lukewarm water add a small splash of dishwashing detergent. In it, rinse the microfiber cloth. You should wring the cloth thoroughly so as not to leave too much moisture in the oven. The sheets and grids should be removed and cleaned separately and dried. During baking, the sheets should not be in the oven.

2. Heating up

Switch the top and bottom heat of the oven to 250 degrees and leave the circulating air as possible switched off. You should leave the door of the oven closed for about an hour. Then turn off the oven.

3. Ventilate

It's best to first open the windows in the kitchen and let it pass through the apartment. Then open the door of the oven. In order to support the process of airing in the oven, you can now switch on the circulating air for some time.

4. Clean up

The oven should be thoroughly wiped once it has cooled completely. You can again use lukewarm water with Spüli. You should now wring out the microfiber cloth again. If you do not use the oven so often, you should also leave the door open a little, so that moisture can always be removed easily and the oven does not rust so easily.

Tips & Tricks

You have less work to do with cleaning the oven if you control the temperature in good time. Some appliances have automatic frying programs that prevent the frying point from spraying. Usually a setting of 165 degrees instead of 180 degrees for oily foods is a very good solution. The meat also benefits from the lower cooking temperature.

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