Clean the oven at the top - only 3 steps

While there are good home remedies for many household and oven-related tasks, cleaning up the upper regions of an oven even leaves many spoiled cleaners at a loss. In some ovens, although the heating rods can be removed or moved, but good you can not get to the inner top of the oven. Here are some tips.

Heating rods in the way

Read the instruction manual of the oven. With many ovens, there is a way to remove the heating elements that you may not even know. Unfortunately, the manufacturers are not united and the function is always different. In some ovens, the heating elements can be pulled out completely, in other ovens, the heating rods can be folded down, after a small slider is pushed to the side.

Clean the oven at the top step by step

  • Oven cleaner gel
  • brush
  • microfiber cloth
  • bucket

1. Soap

First check whether the heating elements can be removed or moved as described above. Then apply the oven cleaner gel to the inner cover at the top with a wide brush. Foam does not work as well in this case as a gel detergent.

2. Acting

If possible, you should let the cleaning gel penetrate into the dirt overnight. If the gel mass dries too quickly, you can spray a little water on it in between, or brush some cleaner again.

3. Wipe off

If the cleaner has enough time to dissolve the dirt well, you can simply remove it with a microfiber cloth and clear water. Unfortunately, you have to work thoroughly, so you will not have a cleaner under the heating rods later. After this, do not forget to reinsert or raise the heating elements.

Tips & Tricks

Instead of the gel for the oven cleaning, you can also apply various home remedies. The simplest solution will usually be soda. This can be mixed with water and sprayed with a spray bottle against the top of the oven. However, you must be careful that you do not get any water into the connections of the heating elements. In addition, you will most often need to use this method more often until burnt dirt is completely removed.