Clean the oven - all home remedies at a glance

The oven is one of the least popular appliances when it comes to cleaning. Over the decades, when busy chefs have been dealing with it, many home remedies have been developed that are sometimes less effective in combating the burned-in dirt. Here is an overview of these home remedies.

Clean without chemicals

Using home remedies is often about cleaning without chemicals. This is the case with many simple home remedies because it is food from your household. Each of the home remedies has a slightly different target group in terms of pollution. Baked foods are easier to remove with baking soda and greasy residues respond well to vinegar, for example.

  • Vinegar / citric acid
  • baking powder
  • Soda / soda
  • salt

Simple soiling

If greasy soils are not baked in the oven, they can be ideally removed with vinegar or citric acid. You should always wear gloves during this work. Soak a microfiber cloth with vinegar and put it on the grease dirt for a moment. You'll need to rub a bit more on the sides of the oven, as the vinegar needs a moment to peel off the fat.

Lightly burnt remnants of food or splashes can be easily removed with baking soda. Mix the baking powder with a little water. Then it is applied to the dirt and allowed to act for about half an hour.


Just as you do not want a chemical aftertaste from professional cleaners in your oven, you certainly do not want vinegar flavor in the food. Therefore, it is important for the various home remedies, then wipe the oven thoroughly with a clean damp cloth. Therefore you should rinse a microfibre cloth again and again with clear water and repeatedly wipe off the surfaces.

Heavier dirt - burnt in grease

For more pollution, which may already be burned, they use soda. From the soda powder can be made with a little water a lye that you can fill in a spray bottle. Of course, you can also apply the soda lye to the dirt with a sponge or cloth. Soda also has to work for about half an hour and you should also wear gloves here.


If the cream sauce has overcooked or the casserole at the bottom of the oven has left a puddle, conventional table salt is very good. This spread on the damp dirt. If the leftovers are already dry, you can moisten them first so that the salt can work. After sprinkling with salt, set the oven at the highest temperature for at least half an hour. After that you can simply wipe out the protection.

Tips & Tricks

Pyrolysis also makes it easier to clean the oven. In this process also no chemistry is used in this process. However, ovens that feature this cleaning feature cost significantly more than regular ovens. This eliminates the burning of the dirt and a large part of the cleaning.

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