Oven - condensation in the glass

Especially in the case of new, very modern ovens, people are now constantly reading about condensate that is between the two panes of the oven. In part, the water even runs down out of the door of the oven. What you can do about it, and where the increased formation of condensation comes from, we show here.

Check oven for damage

The new ovens have different take-off slots. These are sometimes closed by protective films, which were actually only needed for transport. You should therefore first check if any of the vents are closed.

Window seal

In most cases, with increased formation of condensation, the seal between the two panes in the oven door is the cause. If the seal is only a little slipped or damaged, the moist air can penetrate into the gap. Unfortunately, the moisture can not get out again. The moisture then condenses on the outer disk and runs down it. So it can even come to real puddles under the oven.

Video Board: Cleaning Between the Oven Door Glass