Oven defective

If the oven is broken, it is often just a small thing that you can fix yourself. It does not always have the same service to be brought. It is worthwhile to first search for the source of the error yourself.

The modern ovens are equipped with electronics that can ever have a small defect. A common mistake is that the oven door can not be opened. If a key symbol is displayed, this means that the child safety device is active. For the door to open again, the key with the key symbol must be pressed for approx. 4 seconds. If the symbol in the display is extinguished, the door can be opened easily.

Another problem is that the oven can not be opened during the self-cleaning process. It may be that the function was interrupted by a power failure. All you have to do is wait for the lock icon to go off. Often the oven does not heat. This does not immediately mean that the problem lies with the heating system. It may be because the oven door is not completely closed. As soon as the door is closed properly, the oven will also heat up. If the oven remains completely dark, it may be due to a defective lamp. This is replaced in a few simple steps. When installing the new lamp, a dry cloth should be used to extend the life of the halogen bulb.

Customer service solves many problems by phone

Many companies offer their customers a special service, namely the troubleshooting and their elimination by phone. This helps to save money for the customer because he does not have to call customer service immediately. But there are also information on the pages of some manufacturers, which errors can occur and at the same time the customer gets tips for fixing. The //bosch-home.com/en/service/tipps-antworten/service-tipps.html page lists the most common problems. If the error in question is not in the list, telephone support will continue to help. Together with the customer, the problem is discussed and solved in most cases. If a solution is not possible in this way, a visit to a customer service representative is recommended.

Problems with the self-cleaning function and display faults

The new models of ovens are equipped with a self-cleaning program. If the result is not as desired, it may be because the oven has not been pre-cleaned. Coarse dirt, food particles and grease must be removed before starting the self-cleaning process. For automatic self-cleaning, there should be no non-stick coated molds and sheets in the oven. When the clock indicator flashes, the stove has been out of power due to a power failure and has been without power for a short time. You just have to reset the clock. If the oven does not heat up and an additional square appears in the temperature display, the appliance is in demonstration mode. To fix the error, you have to turn off the fuse in the fuse box and wait 20 seconds before turning it back on. Within 2 minutes after switching on again, the rapid heating button must be pressed until the square goes out. If the oven has been used for a long time, the timeout will be triggered. All you have to do is turn off the function selector and restart, this error is already fixed. As you can see, it is often only trifles and the oven works again.

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