Oven - features and types

An oven today can deliver so much more than just low or high heat. However, the new options are so diverse that you can easily lose track of the purchase. Often, you then pay for spectacular features that you do not need at all. So here's a little overview of the new types of oven.

Top and bottom heat

Although the combination of top and bottom heat provides a uniform baking and frying function, but only for a sheet in the oven. Although this feature is indispensable, it should no longer be chosen as the sole function of the oven today.

Circulating air or hot air

With a built-in fan, the heat generated by the top and bottom heat function is distributed more evenly in the oven. This allows you to bake or roast on several sheets at the same time. The circulating air is now standard and should be present in every new oven.

Other functions in the oven

Even the microwave and an additional steamer are often superfluous today. A grill in the oven is next to the air almost a normal function. But the combination of grill and convection makes a lot of sense with certain crispy foods.

  • grill
  • Hot air grilling
  • Rotitherm
  • microwave
  • Steamers
  • pressure steam

Sense and nonsense of functions

What makes the grill really makes sense, is not quite so delicious in the microwave. Many ovens have a built-in microwave, which can also be used during normal roasting and baking. Although the principle of shortening the cooking time works, the food also suffers from rapid cooking.


Whether a steam generator in the oven makes sense to you, depends more on whether you otherwise also use a damper. For users who like to steam and much, it can be quite useful to use this feature in the oven. But keep in mind that some of the steam comes out of the oven here and is not caught again as in the steamer. An atomised kitchen is often the result.

Tips & Tricks

Make a note of which features you actually use before buying a cooker. Also keep in mind that a second appliance, such as a microwave oven or steamer, can be useful if you want to prepare dishes with many different cooking points.

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