Oven bottom heat is broken - all facts

The cake is somehow mushy and the roast is only from the top through, then it is suspected that the bottom heat in your oven is broken. How big the problem actually is, however, you can often find difficult without a specialist. We show you here, which reasons the defect can have.

Check suspicion

It does not help, you have to check your suspicion that the bottom heat in the oven is broken. Of course, the simplest method is to feel by hand while the stove is being heated. But it is also safer, because you can keep a digital oven thermometer on the ground to see if there is any heat from below.

Possible defects in the bottom heat

It does not necessarily have the complete heating element to be defective if the bottom heat in the oven no longer generates heat. The heating elements of modern ovens are now usually plugged with simple cable lugs in the power contacts. These age over time due to the heat and lose their spring force. Then the cable lugs slip slightly out of contact and the current can no longer flow to the heating element.

Check and repair

If you have a lot of manual skills, you can even check with the fuse switched off if the cable lugs are firmly seated on the contacts. On some models, you also have the option of tightening this connection with a fine pair of pliers. But as I said, you should have experience with that. Do not work on the electrical system if you are unfamiliar with it.


If you already know about the damage, the electrician does not need to search for a long time and may be able to tell you in advance if the heating coil concerned is still available as a spare part. This saves you expensive hourly wages for an electrician who might not be able to do anything anyway.

Tips & Tricks

You do not have to dispose of the whole oven immediately if a part like the bottom heat is broken. First, check if it could not be one of the most basic defects. Then you can still consider whether you want to replace the oven with a new oven.

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