Oven repair - costs and facts

The cost of electrical equipment often depends on the brand and the equipment. So even an older oven may still have some value if you want to sell it or have it repaired. But the prices, which are called for some repairs, doubt their meaning. So here are some tips to help you with a repair.

The Negotiator

Avoiding simple defects can be very expensive in an oven. For example, a defective oven light you should replace yourself if possible. In a previously cheap oven, the cost of the repair can actually turn out higher.

  • Make a quote
  • Request alternatives
  • Check prices for new ovens

Cost estimate

No matter how small the damage seems to be. You should never leave an artisan without an estimate on your oven. You can not overlook the costs that can come to you. If the estimate seems too high for you, you should get at least a second prize.

Alternatives - Spare Parts

Often there are identical spare parts that are not from the original manufacturer, but at a fraction of the cost. Ask the craftsman concerned if the seal or heating element is also a so-called no-name product. Often the parts are actually from the same manufacturer anyway.

Overview repair oven

These prices are just examples that other customers have mentioned. Sure, there are also nice serious electricians who demand very humane prices that are far below. Unfortunately, some repairs can be made even more expensive by unusual designs of the ovens. For example, the replacement of a defective pane of glass is not worthwhile in many ovens, as in the worst case, it even exceeded 1,000 euros.

door seal90to200Euro
Heating element exchange180to600Euro
Glass disc exchange140to540Euro

Tips & Tricks

After ten years at the latest, a repair for an oven will not be worthwhile anymore. No matter how much you can hang on the stove, there will be no replacement parts and the craftsman can only replace them with other parts over an enormous amount of time. And just when using a craftsman, time is money.

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