Oven rusts - the facts

The fright is often great when the first rusty spots appear in a relatively new oven. However, depending on where the grate sits, you may even be able to repair this damage yourself. Whether the manufacturer will help you with regulation depends first and foremost on your negotiating skills and the age of the oven.

Fan is rusting

The fans, which provide the circulating air in the oven, are often made of very thin sheet metal. Due to the strong development of moisture in many baking processes, this weak sheet will of course start to rust quickly. However, since no pressure is exerted on the fan during baking, the fan will probably not completely fall apart. Annoying, however, are the small rust crumbs that are scattered into the food.

  • Have fan replaced
  • Remove fan and spray with clear varnish for ovens

Floor plate rusts through

More problematic is when the bottom plate of the oven slowly rusted through. At the bottom of the oven, it is easy to get some moisture when baking or roasting. That should always be removed immediately. But also the burnt-in grease dirt eats through the bottom plate of the oven.

enamel coating

If you notice rust damage on the bottom of the oven, you should act swiftly. Once a real hole in the ground, you can barely do anything else. Before the sheet has rusted through, it should be re-protected with a coating.

In the hardware stores there are heat-resistant liquid enamel. Often, however, this is only available in white. The oven is therefore not better, so not necessarily. It is not enough to use radiator paint, as this is not so strong heat resistant. Even when using clearcoat, it is important to pay attention to the temperature range up to which the paint can be used.

  • Sand the floor
  • Apply enamel coating
  • possibly additionally sealed with clear lacquer

Tips & Tricks

Most manufacturers will immediately warn you that your oven is being handled improperly when you call for service because of the rust. Either you accuse you to use too strong chemical cleaning agents or have introduced too much moisture in the oven. Unfortunately, only a few manufacturers are willing to reimburse you for the cost of a repair even during the warranty period.

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