Build your own oven for bread and pizza

An oven, which is fired with wood, you can wall in your own garden. There are also great kits that can be built together with a construction manual. But the complete self-construction is of course always more exciting than a kit. How to build your own oven is here.

DIY or kit

A kit offers just the beginners of home improvement a very secure base. The assembly is almost as easy as a house made of Lego bricks. Individuality is in the kits but rather not given. They are hardly adaptable to personal needs. Therefore, there is the right building instructions for every purpose in the network. Although this is not free, but usually cheap to buy.

Build an oven yourself step by step

  • clinker
  • Firebricks
  • oven door
  • Fire door
  • Refractory cement
  • cement
  • gravel
  • sand
  • paper
  • Maurerbalje
  • trowel
  • pointing trowel
  • mixing paddle
  • spirit level
  • pencil
  • ruler

1. Draw

Plan the oven exactly before. You should note that the firebox must not be too small, so you can insert large pieces of wood. For both the baking area and the firebox, you should buy a cast-iron door that should not be too small either. Make a simple drawing so that you have approximately a clue.

2nd foundation

The oven should stand on a frost-proof concrete foundation. With the small amount, you can also make it in a mason jug yourself from gravel, sand and cement. Make sure your foundation is level and well dried before you build the substructure for the furnace.

3. Wall the oven

The furnace can simply be bricked up on the foundation according to your drawing or a blueprint. The interior should be built of fireclay bricks with fireclay mortar. In order to support the stones, you can stack small wooden beams inside the room made of fireclay bricks. So you get a kind of scaffolding, which supports the stones during the drying time. Subsequently, brick bricks are bricked up around the fireclay bricks.

4. Insert joints and doors

Depending on the type of door selected, it is either walled in immediately, or later used for grouting. Between the clinker bricks the joints must be tightened thoroughly with a joint trowel. For this you use normal mortar and a narrow joint trowel.

Tips & Tricks

If you can not imagine the construction alone, detailed blueprints for various types of wood-fired stone ovens are available on the Internet. However, most providers require from about 15 euros for a single DIN A4 plan. This should then show the views and sections of the oven exactly. You should therefore pay attention to the size of the plan. We have found a supplier that offers a clearly large print of 85 x 120 centimeters for the same price. In size, a plan can help you much better.

Video Board: How to build a wood fired pizza/bread oven