Over-fertilization and deficiency - Most home gardeners fertilize incorrectly

vegetable beds in home gardens are mostly overfertilised, Lawn and ornamental plants are on the other hand frequent with nutrients undersupplied, which resulted in an evaluation of 720 analyzed soil samples by the LUFA NRW of the North Rhine-Westphalia Chamber of Agriculture. Thereafter, the vegetable beds are four-fifths with phosphorus and lime over-supplied. In addition, the areas are 75 percent too much potassium and 25 percent too much magnesium on. On the other hand, one third of the beds suffered Magnesium deficiency, The lawns had 50 percent magnesium or potassium deficiency and seven percent lacked phosphate. On the other hand, 60 percent of the lawn samples were over-supplied with lime.

Over-fertilization and deficiency - Most home gardeners fertilize incorrectly: over-fertilization

In the vegetable patch the hobby gardener tends to overfertilize (Photo: [email protected])

phosphate is the most important energy source of the plant and necessary for flowering, fruiting and maturity. magnesium need plants to build up the leaf greens. Potassium is a mineral for a variety of metabolic functions. Lime is a soil fertilizer to increase the pH in the soil and improve the soil structure.

Every year at the beginning of spring, the hobby gardener asks himself if he fertilize got to. Many assume that always equal amounts of the usual fertilizer must be applied. This is usually the wrong decision, says the LUFA. The hobby gardener should therefore have his soil examined at regular intervals. This ensures a harmonious plant nutrition and protects the environment. The result of a soil study can serve as the basis for fertilization measures for two to three years.

The LUFA NRW offers the hobby gardeners again this spring for a fee of 15 euros plus VAT Examination for pH, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium in the garden soil. The sender receives the results with assessment and fertilizer recommendation after about two weeks. If you want an individual nutrient recommendation, you can also order it for an additional 12 euros from LUFA. Information on sampling and order forms can be found at lufa-nrw.de.

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