Adjusting the sectional door - this is how it works

While the adjustment of the springs and the setting of the gate is almost self-explanatory for swinging doors, some know-how is required for sectional doors. How to do it right, and what to look for, you can read in this post.

Indications that adjustment is necessary

If the door does not run smoothly in all areas, incorrect spring tension could be the cause. For electric gate operators, which are common in sectional doors, you can also unhook the drive chain, and try to open the gate manually.

If it is stuck during engine operation, but can be opened manually but easily, the cause is due to the drive rather than the gate setting. For example, the starting capacitor could be defective. But that depends on the type of motor used.

Before starting to adjust, you can once again thoroughly lubricate all bearings and joints and check the rope tension. If that does not work, you should start by adjusting the sectional door.

In case of doubt, you should leave the setting of the gate but rather a specialist - damage caused by wrong approach can be enormously expensive.

Adjust step by step

  • sectional
  • ladder
  • Adjustment tool - screwdriver, wrench

1. Close the gate

Close gate, stay inside the garage. Set up the ladder.

2. Check ropes

Check that the ropes are correctly wound and tensioned evenly.

3. Relax and re-tension the springs

Relax the feathers (note the mark, which usually looks like a dash when the feathers are relaxed, but not with every door model) and then re-tension. Do not exaggerate with the tension of the springs. After relaxing the springs pull the rope tight on both sides at the same time.

4. Check gate

The goal should be able to stand easily in any position, with a slight upward tension. If necessary, retighten the springs and repeat the procedure. The goal should be easy in all positions.

Tips & Tricks

Guide rails must not be lubricated! Adjusting the electric drive: When working on the belt of the drive you should be very careful - if it breaks, replacement is usually very expensive and often difficult to get. The same applies to replacement engines. So be very careful here.

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