Delete the sectional door - you should pay attention to this

If you want to delete the sectional garage door, the material that makes up the door plays an important role. How best to paint plastic-coated doors, and if that works, you can read here.

Special colors

Sectional doors are made of plastic-coated parts. The painting of plastic is only possible with special colors. For this purpose, special adhesion promoters are needed. The color should then also be weather-resistant and protected against fading.


Sanding the plastic can also be a challenge. It must be done absolutely evenly, otherwise the tracks will remain visible afterwards. The application of varnish must be carried out very evenly with a small paint roller.

Optical effect

A painted sectional door clearly shows that it no longer has the original coating. That can be unattractive.

Tips & Tricks

Instead of varnishing, simply try a foliation - that does less work and looks a lot nicer in the end.

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