Cost overview for flowing screed

Anhydrite screed today is not only a proven heating screed, but is also often used otherwise. The advantage, especially in the anhydrite screed is the significantly faster installation and the shorter drying times compared to cement screed, in addition, it offers much better thermal insulation properties and above all a better performance in conjunction with underfloor heating. Calcium sulphate floating screed is also self-leveling - a balance of unevenness on the ground can therefore be omitted. However, the preliminary work is often much more complicated than other types of screed.

Price relevant conditions for flow screeds

The layer thickness, with standard screeds as standard 40 millimeters, is of course the measure of things when it comes to the material consumption and thus the material costs. Certain designs of underfloor heating systems can change the required layer thickness - depending on the cover height of the pipes required and the design of the substructure. Large areas, such as entire storey levels, are usually a bit cheaper, because after appropriate preparation of the screed is introduced simultaneously in all rooms simultaneously. This results in a correspondingly smaller amount of time per square meter calculated on the total area for larger areas.

target prices

Price list per square meter (recommended prices)

  • Flooring screed Material and laying 14 - 22 Euro
  • Flooring screed net 2,50 - 4 Euro
  • Sanding 1.50 - 3 euros

In general, for most specialist companies, the installation price is approximately between 14 and 22 euros per square meter of liquid screed, depending on the circumstances occasionally even slightly higher, lower actually only very rarely. It should not be forgotten that the additional services must also be taken into account: a floating screed net can usually still contribute for 2.50 to 4 euros per square meter, for sanding you can usually around 1.50 to 3, Expect 50 euros per square meter. A waiver of the sanding of the screed is often mentioned by sellers - but not by specialist companies, here you should not save in any case. Because of the high cost of preparing the substructure, this offers the best opportunities to provide services on their own, on average, the prices for floating screed then fall to the level of cement screed or even lower, if the substructure itself is made by the builder.

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