U-lock test 2018

Purchase advice for the U-lock comparison or test 2018

  • U-locks are the safest bike locks on the market. A high-quality padlock is relatively difficult to crack. Unfortunately, they are very inflexible to handle.
  • The ideal padlock is made of hardened steel, has a length of 23 to 30 cm and a diameter of at least 1.3 cm.
  • To further protect your bike, you can register it with the police and park it in suitable locations.

U-lock test 2018: bike

Over 330,000 displayed bicycle thefts were registered with the police in 2016, as can be seen from this Federal Criminal Office statistic. The number of unreported cases is significantly higher, as bicycle theft is often not displayed.

So that does not happen, A good bike lock is part of the basic equipment for cyclists. If you are looking for a safety lock for your bike, you have the choice between a padlock, folding lock, chain lock and armored cable.

U-locks have the highest security level, as the result of the bicycle lock test of Stiftung Warentest. Which is the best padlock for your bike? What distinguishes the safest padlock in a test?? And what else can you do to protect your bike as much as possible from theft? These questions and a few more we answer in our U-lock comparison 2018.

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1. U-locks with Stiftung Warentest: the best protection for your bike

U-lock test 2018: bike

U-locks are often equipped with an included bracket, which facilitates transport.

A padlock is structurally very similar to a classic padlock: It has a U-shaped bracket, which can be up to 1.8 inches thick. At this a straight shaped lock is fastened. The lock can be removed from the bracket so that it can be guided through the frame or the spokes.

The bicycle lock test of Stiftung Warentest revealed that a padlock can be described as the safest bicycle lock. This species is the hardest to crack or break up and offers a very high security.

Disadvantage of the U-locks is that you very inflexible and bulky are. In addition, it is hardly possible to find a lightweight padlock for a test. The locks weigh between 1 and 1.7 kilograms.

Many U-lock tests show that a bracket is already included. This allows the lock to be attached to the bicycle. Ironing locks are usually completed with a key, but there are also padlocks with combination lock.

2. The perfect padlock: Hardened steel, 23 to 30 cm long, at least 1.3 cm wide

2.1. The ideal padlock is between 23 and 30 centimeters long

U-lock test 2018: u-lock

Bicycle racks or street signs are best for securing a wheel with a padlock.

On good padlock should be between 23 and 30 cm longso that it can be handled as comfortably as possible. It should not be smaller, as it may not fit well with the tire or frame of your bike.

2.2. Temples made of hardened steel are particularly break-proof

High-quality padlocks have a hardened steel temple. Even a thief has this material with him even with a bolt cutter difficultiesto sever the U-lock

2.3. The diameter should be at least 1.3 centimeters

U-lock test 2018: bike

Security Plus: a combination of ironing and wire lock, here by Kryptonite.

At least 1.3 inches should be the diameter of a U-lock. There are U-locks with a diameter of up to 1.8 cm.

A rule of thumb: The more expensive the bike, the higher the diameter should be Be your personal U-Lock Test winner. However, as already described above, the material of the bracket is crucial.

3. Lock types: U-lock, folding lock, chain lock, armored cable

Are you sure that a padlock is the right category lock for you? Also Folding locks and armored cables offer high security and greater flexibility as U-locks. In our purchase advice, however, we recommend that you use a high-quality U-lock for very expensive bicycles, as it still has the highest security level.


U-lock test 2018: bike

The padlock consists of a sturdy strap with which it can be attached to the bicycle.

very high security
very hard to crack

relatively heavy


U-lock test 2018: bike

A folding lock consists of hinged links and can be folded up like a folding rule. It offers a good combination of security against breakage and flexibility.

tip: Choose the longest version to maximize connectivity.

high security


Armored cable or chain

U-lock test 2018: 2018

An armored cable or a tank chain consists of a flexible cable or a link chain, which are coated with plastic. For armored cables, sometimes there is simply a padlock at the two ends of the chain; Armored cables are usually complete with a firm lock.

high security
very flexible
Securing multiple wheels possible

very difficult
Transport cumbersome

Danger: We did not include the cable lock, spiral lock and frame lock in our comparison because they do not offer sufficient protection against theft. They can only be used in combination with one of the secure locks from our comparison.

4. Complete the bike safely - tips and tricks

U-lock test 2018: u-lock

Insufficiently secure bicycles are easy game for thieves.

Unfortunately, there is no 100% theft-proof bike lock. A thief who really wants it will be able to crack even a high-quality padlock. But you can do a lot to make it as hard as possible for him. If you follow the following Tips for connecting the bike follow and additionally attach a good U-lock, the likelihood of a bicycle claw drops to zero.

4.1. Ideal: Use two locks of different brands

The more expensive the bike, the more expensive the lock

It is recommended to invest at least 10% of the purchase price in a good castle, After all, the investment in the chic new mountain bike or city bike should not have been in vain.

In addition to making it difficult for professional thieves, you can use two locks of different brands, Even if a professional thief specializes in cracking a brand, two different brands reduce the theft risk considerably.

Two locks are visually more appalling than one. That way, occasional thieves can be put to flight. In addition, the cracking of two locks costs roughly twice as much time as with just one lock.

Tip: Bicycle accessories such as bicycle baskets or child seats should ideally be extra secured. At least with a cable lock, you should lock them so that the loose parts are not stolen. Beware of the child seat: the lock must be long enough.

4.2. Firmly anchored and lockable

U-lock test 2018: bike

Always lock your bike to firmly anchored objects - making it difficult for thieves.

Close the wheel to a stable and firmly anchored objectwhich brings a similar resilience as your castle. So secure it against carrying away.

The best parking for the bike is in a well visible place, In addition, you should always attach the bike to a solid object, otherwise it can simply be carried away. Thieves often hit busy parking lots.

4.3. Include time to complete the bike

Even if you are in a hurry, you should always remember to properly secure the bike, If possible, drive to work rather a few minutes to have enough time.

The hurry takes its revenge when the insufficiently secured bicycle is lost to you. Then you may have to report the bike as stolen, otherwise have to come home and on top of spending a lot of money for a new bike.

How fast a bike can be cracked with the right tools, you can follow in this video of Stiftung Warentest:

5. Bicycle stolen - what now?

In the event of a theft, it is best to ensure that: Write down the manufacturer and frame number of your bike and take photos of it, so you can specify in the event of theft.

Even better: Have your bike registered with the police. Then it will be provided with a code that makes it easier to track. The police are also keeping up with the times and now offer a free bicycle pass app.

6. Important brands and manufacturers

A Traditional brand is Abus, Here you will find high quality models, but they also have their price. Also the US brand Kryptonite is very popular and makes very secure padlocks. Here you can buy a padlock quite cheap. In our manufacturer overview you will find other suppliers of good U-locks:

  • Abus
  • fisherman
  • Kryptonite
  • M-Wave
  • Master Lock
  • On-guard
  • Outerdo
  • trelock
  • Zefal

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