Painting Fleece Comparison 2018

Purchase advice to the Malervlies comparison or test 2018

  • Two different types of products fall under the term painter fleece. First: cover fleece that protects the floor from dirt, for example when wallpapering, painting or other construction and renovation measures. Second: Renovation fleece, which is used in the wall renovation to prepare walls for the desired surface design (wallpapering, painting, plastering).
  • When applying Renoviervlies the type of bonding is an important aspect. Commercially available wallpaper paste is suitable for temporary application, special nonwoven adhesive is required for permanent bonding.
  • Large floors, walkways and stairs are best protected by a self-adhesive floor mat. The underside is then provided with an anti-slip coating and / or self-adhesive strips.

Painting Fleece Comparison 2018: 2018

Depending on the application Malervlies fulfills various functions. What advantages you enjoy with the respective types of nonwoven types and which properties make Malervlies the test winner in the specialist press, you will find out here. In our current painting fleece comparison 2018 everything revolves around the choice of the right paints fleece for soil protection. How to find the best painter's tile for your purposes.

1. Malervlies: One name, two uses

Whether layman or professional at work, even with simple renovation or renovation measures, the way leads into the hardware store to buy one: Malervlies. Many do not even realize that two very different products end up in the shopping cart.

For as a non-woven fleece on the one hand, the pad is called, which protects the wallpapering or painting the soil from dripping paint or blobbing paste. On the other hand Malervlies is a kind of wall cladding.

1.1. Non-woven wallpaper: Simply create optimal conditions for the wall design

Painting Fleece Comparison 2018: comparison

When painting, wallpapering or other remedial measures, the soil can quickly pollute. Floor fleece offers optimum protection.

Anyone who has renovated, modernized or just a desire for a fresh breeze in their home, sometimes also deals with the design of the room walls. But in order to implement the plans, a corresponding underground is necessary.

Walls with damage, unevenness, coatings or too high or too low absorbency are unsuitable for wallpapering or painting. This applies for example to Rigips or old woodchip.

With Malervlies you can create ideal conditions for the subsequent wall design in a quick, easy way. They can compensate for cracks, bumps and other defects and then paint, plaster or paper the paint fleece.

Non-woven wallpaper is available in a variety of designs, for example as smooth fleece, as a painter fleece with structure or even 3D effect.

Material Science: What is fleece?
Nonwovens are used in many industrial and everyday areas. Nonwoven is a textile material that consists of individual, unconnected, fibers. Fleece is not a woven or knitted fabric, but is made by an industrial solidification process of animal, vegetable and mineral or chemical fibers. Nonwovens are used inter alia as insulation and filter material or as inner lining of garments.

The higher quality the Malerabdeckvlies is, the more beautiful your walls look after the renovation. The best painting fleece is characterized by a good adaptability and an optimal level of absorbency.

Decisive for a successful wall renovation, however, is also the accessories that you use when bonding non-sticks. In particular, a good non-woven adhesive, a stable wallpapering table, painter's brush and wall paint are crucial. Putty and Kleistereimer are also necessary.

1.2. Malerabdeckvlies: Protects the floor from dirt and scratches

When remodeling or refurbishing your own home, in many cases this can be a heavy burden on the floor: you run in and out with dirty, rough work shoes, tools fall out of hand, ladders or furniture go crazy, liquids like paint, Glue or plaster drips down.

Especially in carpet fibers or joints of a plank flooring, residues often persist. Hard floors such as tiles or parquet are also shock and scratch sensitive. Covering the floor effectively prevents dirt and damage.

Painting Fleece Comparison 2018: 2018

Laying cardboard or paper to protect the floor is dangerous. For example, you may stumble and fall.

In addition to cover foil and newspaper there are cover fleece. The purchase price is higher than for film or even newsprintHowever, Malvern has advantages that make it stand out against other types of soil protection. Advantages of Malervlies at a glance:

  • Non-slip thanks to self-adhesive strips and coating
  • absorbs shocks and other stress
  • absorbs liquids
  • practically available by the meter
  • can be tailored individually
  • reusable
Be careful when using newsprint as soil protection! The paper will stick to your shoes when wet and prevent uninterrupted work. The annoying paper restricts you in your mobility and becomes a dangerous slide.

2. Non-woven types: Soil protection or help for wall renovation

There are basically two different types of painter fleece. The assignment into the respective category is determined by the intended purpose. Within the category there are again different special types. To date, there is no painting fleece test by Stiftung Warentest. All important clues for the purchase of a non-woven fabric that meets your needs, you will find with us.

Painters fleece typesdescription


Painting Fleece Comparison 2018: 2018

  • protects the floor from dirt, abrasion and damage
  • contributes to accident prevention
  • is made of cotton or synthetic fiber industrially
  • optional with non-slip, waterproof polyethylene layer
  • provides optimal wall surface to realize design wishes
  • suitable for wallpapering, painting and plastering
  • can be temporarily attached or firmly glued
  • consists of textile and paper fiber
Heat more resource friendly with thermal nonwoven. By the way, you can also use renovation fleece to save energy. Special thermal fleece provides better insulation on walls and ceiling, so that less heat can escape. Depending on the manufacturer, energy savings of around 20 percent are promised.

3. Malervlies purchase advice: Whether on the floor or walls - the right fixation is crucial

So that you do not have to carry out any elaborate and costly painting tests on your own, we give you a few important aspects at hand. So you find directly the best painting fleece for yourself. There are purchase criteria that you should consider both when buying Malervlies wallpaper as well as Malerabdeckvlies for floors.

The most important question that you should answer for yourself before buying is the right fix. If the wallpaperable renovation tile is to remain on the wall for an indefinite period of time, a special nonwoven adhesive is required, which you will also receive in well-assorted hardware stores. When Malerabdeckvlies provides anti-slip film made of plastic for the necessary grip. An additional fixation by adhesive tape is necessary in only a few cases.

If you want to remove Malervlies at a later time, use ordinary wallpaper paste to apply. Remove this with liquid wallpaper remover (Caution: contain toxic substances) or by steam release.

3.1. Malerabdeckvlies in numbers: One roll is enough for 25 or 50 square meters

Painting Fleece Comparison 2018: comparison

Malerabdeckvlies are available in different sizes. With a roll, you can usually cover up to 25 or 50 square meters of ground.

Malerabdeckvlies is usually available by the meter. As a rule, there is a painter fleece with a length of 25 m or a painter fleece with a length of 50 m, In addition, the width of one meter has established.

For which dimensions (1 x 50 m or 1 x 25 m) you decide, of course, depends on the size of the floor area that is to be protected. A cover fleece roll is enough for 25 or 50 square meters.

Another important value that is important for the purchase decision is the grammage. It is given in grams per square meter (g / m2) and refers to paper and fabrics on the mass in relation to the area.

The rule of thumb is: the higher the grammage, the more durable the cover fleece, Cracks occur less frequently and shocks are safely cushioned.

A weight per square meter of about 200 is recommended for the vast majority of uses. Particularly high protection is provided by 850 g / m2 nonwoven floor. You can easily load this with a pallet truck or scaffolding.

3.2. What speaks against cover foil?

People who only renovate, paper or paint every now and then often prefer the cover film. For a better purchase decision, click here the decisive advantages and disadvantages of cover film at a glance.

  • low purchase price
  • low weight
  • to save space
  • waterproof
  • does not protect against dents and scratches
  • not tear-resistant
  • slips and provides no secure grip
  • must be fixed manually
  • not absorbent
  • little suitable for repeated use

4. Questions and answers around the topic of non-woven fleece

4.1. Which cover fleece is suitable for stairs?

If you want to work on stairs or other staircases, special care is required. For even better hold than ordinary painters cover fleece we recommend specially designed painter fleece for the stairs. Stair fleece is particularly non-slip because it has self-adhesive strips in addition to the PE coating.

4.2. Where can I buy Malervlies and which manufacturers are suitable?

If you want to buy Malervlies as a test in DIY stores like Obi or Hornbach, you have a whole range of different manufacturers to choose from. Among the best known are Floordirekt and B & S. They hold in the assortment different designs ready, also favorable paints fleece. But other brands are also trustworthy:

  • ILP
  • master
  • Boeck-flesta
  • A & G today
  • SBS
  • baupark24
  • MO Werkzeughandel

4.3. Malerabdeckvlies with anti-slip film - yes or no?

Malerabdeckvlies serves primarily to protect sensitive floors from dirt and damage and to give you a secure grip in all activities. Cover fleece with anti-slip film is therefore recommended for all renovation and conversion measures. Non-slip film coating, on the other hand, makes it ideal for flexible furniture and floor protection, for example, when moving.

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