Painting and varnishing - which tools are suitable for what?

Whether painting walls or painting objects: the choice of tools is often unmanageable. What is suitable for what and what should be considered when choosing the right painting and painting tools, tells you this post.

Brush or roller?

The classic question, at which often enough the ghosts divorce. The answer is quite simple: Rolls are best used for large areas, and to obtain a particularly uniform result. Brush is used to clean corners and edges with paint.

With many items you will need both. By the way, radiator brushes are not only suitable for painting radiators - they can also be a good choice for particularly tricky corners or edges.

brush shapes

In addition, professional painters know a variety of brush types, which are used in different areas:

  • Ringpinsel
  • flat brush
  • Platt brush
  • flat brush
  • facade strings
  • ceiling brushes
  • Slash puller

In the home improvement sector you will not always need all these types of brushes - but it is advantageous to have them, so you can always select the best possible brush when brushing.

roll forming

From the trimmer scooter to the decorative roller - here, too, the choice of different tools is overwhelming. As a rule, you should have at least one very long-pile paint roller and a short-pile roller at hand.

A paint roller with a pile length between the other two rollers can sometimes be helpful. The many other variants of paint rollers and rollers you need as a home improvement, however, usually not.

Pros and Cons Streichkissen

Pillows can be a good help for the inexperienced, making the stroking much easier and cleaner. They take on more color than a brush and give this color drip-free and at the same time again.

A problem is the coating on slightly uneven surfaces. They fill unevenness very unevenly with color, the result is then always somewhat uneven. On flat surfaces, however, and when glazing, they are a good alternative.

Long-pile lambskin scooters are still the best choice for a uniform application of paint on the wall. They absorb the largest amount of color, and also give the color the most even, even with uneven ground.

More efficient is just to spray paint.

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