Painting a blanket - tips for easier work

If you have never done it before, you can paint a blanket for a manageable job. Those who do it for the first time are surprised at how much power overhead costs and how difficult it is to avoid streaks.

Quality of material and tools

The basis for the successful painting of a ceiling is the choice of quality products of the brand manufacturers. When using cheap tools and cheap paint, the best tips often do not help.

First, the color should be selected and thus the color type be set. For paint paint other paint rollers are optimized than for example for emulsion paint. The rollers recommended by the manufacturer for the color type simplify the work. This is also true for brushes for the corners.

Mix the color and distribute

Of crucial importance is the consistency of the mixed color. It should be diluted with no more than ten percent water for the primer coat. Later strokes are carried out undiluted. Due to the thorough and repeated rolling of the paint on the brushing grid, the color is evenly distributed in the role.

Painting the ceiling, the role is placed and first and foremost distributed around the starting point. After that, many short and slow rolling strokes ensure even distribution of color.

Step by step to the perfect blanket

  • High quality wall paint
  • water
  • Maybe tinting color
  • whisk
  • High quality lambskin or Perlon role
  • High quality brush
  • String grid
  • Telescopic pole or broomstick
  • Two household leaders
  • Wood plank or board

Save power

When painting a ceiling, you have to work overhead. That does not look as stressful as it is. When the ceiling is rolled from the ground with a roller mounted on a telescopic pole, the effort is highest. The shorter the distance to the ceiling, the less effort is required.

Two household ladders with a wooden plank in between form a good work platform. This allows the roll to be used without extension. Pressing and rolling out at a 45 degree angle costs less force than rolling at almost right angles.

Tips & Tricks

Ensure even illumination so that you can immediately check your brushing results and correct them if necessary. In daylight, always stroke the light.

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