Painting techniques overview

With the different painting techniques for creative wall design you can give rooms an individual character. Most of these painting techniques can be applied to the normal woodchip wallpaper.

The best known are the winding technique, the wiping technique, the Abklatschtechnik and the sponge technique or dabbing technique. In these techniques, irregular color structures and patterns are created using various tools. These techniques can also be combined with each other for example for marbling.

Painting techniques overview: overview

In the case of stencil technology or stenciling technology, on the other hand, stencils generate regularly recurring patterns. With the masking technique larger surfaces and decorative elements are placed on the wall.

Other painting techniques require a special substrate or structure the surface of the wall individually, such as the trowel technique, the tassel technique, structural roller technology, structural engineering, roller technology or velor roll technology. These techniques are often similar in the final result already a structural plaster or rubbing.

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