Paint walls - what color should it be?

White is the common standard color for walls, but that's not the last word in wisdom. Which colors are suitable for the wall design and according to which criteria one can select a wall color is discussed in this article.

Then you can judge

  • color trends
  • psychological effect of colors
  • creative overall designs and color themes

Current designs and contemporary designs use a few trendy colors.

At the moment, the design trends are more in the direction of purism. Simple, flat designs dominate with natural, earthy colors. Sand colors and gray are also in vogue.

psychological effect of colors

Colors can promote well-being and balance mood. Color effects are scientifically proven.

Red and yellow have a stimulating and activating effect. Blue and bright greens have a soothing and balancing effect. They are good for bathrooms, but also for bedrooms and children's rooms. Above all, Rosa is communicative and soothing.

As a kitchen color, the activating orange is unsuitable because it promotes appetite. Violet, on the other hand, curbs the appetite.

creative overall designs and color themes

Stripe patterns with different width stripes are a possibility for a lively and creative interior design. Also large color patterns in the style of the sixties and seventies are an interesting possibility.

Themes such as Mediterranean style or minimalism can also be implemented with the help of colors. Minimalist designs usually use large, uniform color surfaces in subdued hues with contrasting geometric patterns as accents.

Pattern rolls and stencil patterns can be used to create a wall design that matches rustic country-style or antiquarian furnishings. Borders and pattern strips are possible.

Colored walls in pastel shades with white borders represent a timeless wall design in restrained optics.

Tips & Tricks

To harmonize several colors, the so-called angular harmony of the colors is used. Angular Harmony and Angle Contrasts provide predictable effects or color balance.

Video Board: How to Choose Paint Colors