Granite palisades are worth their price

The longevity and extraordinary hardness of granite make the rock a favorite among natural stone palisades. The prices are very dependent on the variety and origin. It is always worthwhile to set the purchase price in relation to the durability.

Main argument lifetime

Among the three materials used to make palisades, granite is the most expensive. Unlike the palisade prices for wood and concrete, the almost infinite durability of good granite should always be included in the calculation. Granite palisades are often a purchase for life and, once installed, never have to be renewed.

The fortifications and boundaries of embankments, staircases and different floor heights of wood can last from five to ten years, depending on the type of wood and workmanship, and the concrete palisades, which can be obtained at roughly the same prices, can be estimated at up to twenty years. Granite palisades need to be renewed only in the case of previously damaged or inferior rocks.

Quality features for granite palisades

When buying granite palisades, the first criteria is often color and texture. Often, highly sought-after optics are more expensive, although the rock has physically identical properties with cheaper products. Price differences are usually meaningful only for granites from the same region of origin. A basic requirement should be compliance with various European standards, including granite from overseas.

  • EN 1936 determines the minimum density of the rock
  • EN 12371 demonstrates resistance to frost
  • EN 1925 regulates the values ​​of water absorption
  • EN 12372 and EN 1926 ensure stability against pressure and bending

If the palisades meet European standards, they bring the necessary properties for their extraordinary durability. This feature should be visible in the price list of the provider.

The important thing to remember when buying a granite palisade is that it is genuine granite. Similar and related plutonic rocks are also marketed as granite. The palisades then do not bring with them the characteristics that lead to reliable and durable reinforcements, borders and fortifications.

  • Granatoide
  • Black granites
  • dolerite
  • paragneisses
  • basalts
  • basanite

So much for palisades made of granite

Palisades made of real granite are offered for prices from twelve euros per one-meter piece. Depending on the color and texture, the prices increase up to forty euros per piece. The standard surface treatment is natural or pointed. For finishes such as grinding, sand or water jets and saws, surcharges of around twenty percent should be calculated.

How to save

Granite palisades are buried to about one third of their length. Quarries and natural stone works often have one-sided slightly damaged or unsightly palisades as a second choice or special items ready.

Tips & Tricks

Real granite has a minimum quartz content of twenty percent. If there is no Exposé for the product of your choice, you can have a sample determined by an independent stonemason.

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