Set palisades - what do you have to pay attention to?

Palisades provide a simple separation of individual areas or even an easy-to-build enclosure. When setting palisades, however, you have to pay attention to a few things to keep them stable. How to do it and how to proceed correctly when installing palisades is explained in detail in this manual.

Load capacity of the subsoil

The ground on which palisades are erected must be sufficiently stable. If the surface is too heavy, an additional concrete bed must be built in order to prevent the stockade from sagging.

palisades height

When determining the stockade height, one must take into account that one third of the stockade must be installed in the ground. So only two thirds of the stockade height are available.

For example, with a stockade height of 480 mm, only 320 mm are visible above the earth.

Use a guideline

To set palisades in an exact row, a guideline is essential. It is stretched between two wooden pegs and serves as a clue for setting the palisades. It should therefore be stretched relatively close to the ground to allow good orientation.

Support palisades

Palisades are held upright by a lateral concrete support. As long as the concrete has not hardened, it may be necessary to secure the palisades with a lath against displacement. When using fast concrete this is usually not necessary.

Elements for fixing palisades

  • moat
  • concrete bed
  • gravel layer

Setting palisades - this is how it is done right

  • palisades
  • concrete
  • Betonwanne
  • spade
  • Guideline and pegs
  • concrete trowel
  • tape measure

1. Mark the row of palisades.

Define the endpoints of the stockade row and tighten the guideline. Check the exact alignment. Mark the trench area with the spade edge.

2. Dig trench

Dig out a trench below the tensioned line. The guideline should run in the middle of the trench. The trench depth must be one third of the stockade height plus 20 cm. Check the load capacity of the trench bottom. Stomp something.

3. Fill in the gravel layer

Fill a gravel layer about 20 cm high into the trench. Suitable gravel is obtained in the hardware store. Make sure that the gravel layer is the same at all points.

4. Create concrete columns

Mix concrete. He should be about earth-moist. Insert palisades, align exactly with the guideline and support with concrete on the side. Cover the trench with plastic wrap until the concrete hardens.

For a better work progress also fast concrete can be used. It has special additives that make faster curing possible. Before further processing, the concrete must be completely cured.

If necessary, also support the palisades above the supports to avoid shifting until the concrete has hardened.

5. Filling the trench

After curing the concrete fill the ditch with gravel. The top layer forms a layer of garden soil, which should be tamped something.

Tips & Tricks

If the stockade is used as a support or boundary for a slope or a higher part, it must be covered on the ground side with a roof barrier. The badger track does not have to be specially fastened. The pressure of the soil lying on it keeps it in place.

Video Board: Caleb at the Palisades