Pallet truck stops lifting - what can you do?

If a pallet truck no longer lifts the pallet, you can no longer transport it. Where the problem usually lies and how you can easily remedy such problems, you will find out in detail in our article.

How it works when lifting

A lift truck must lift the load so that it can be transported. Otherwise, the pallet would stay on the ground and not move.

When the pallet truck stops lifting, the cause of a manual pallet truck is almost always a hydraulic problem:

When you operate the hydraulic pump via the lever on the handle, a pressure is built up in the hydraulic lines. This pressure then raises the pallet. The pressure of the pump squeezes the oil and then transfers the pressure to the lifting device via the hydraulic lines, which raises it. If there are problems here, the palette does not lift.

Possible sources of problems are:

  • there is too little hydraulic oil available
  • there is air in the hydraulic lines (very common cause)
  • There is a leak on a part of the hydraulic system, through which air constantly gets into the hydraulic lines

Bleed the lift truck

You can easily bleed most lift trucks where the hydraulics are manually operated. With electric pallet trucks the procedure is more complicated and you will probably need a specialist. With the hand pallet truck you only need two simple steps:

1. Move the handle to the fork lowering position
2. Pump vigorously several times

This process pushes in air from the system. When the air is completely removed, the truck should work again without any problems.

Check oil and change

A sufficient oil level in the hydraulic oil is necessary for the truck to work well. In addition, the oil must be clean and free from contamination.

At regular intervals you should therefore drain the oil and replace it with new (suitable) hydraulic oil. That can be the case every few months.

Other causes

If there are leaks in the hydraulic system, the affected parts must be replaced by a specialist. Defective reciprocating pistons or pumps must be replaced by a specialist.

Tips & Tricks

Always pay attention to the prescribed maintenance intervals and never use a pallet truck on a sloping plane and do not tilt it, This is the most common cause of air getting into the system.

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