Pallet truck does not pump up anymore - what can you do?

If the pallet truck does not lift the pallet anymore, it will not work anymore. What can be the problem, what can be done in such cases and what causes you can not fix yourself, you will learn in our article.

Differences in pallet trucks

When it comes to problems with pumping up, you first have to distinguish what type of lift truck it is:

  • manually operated, simple pallet truck (the so-called ant)
  • Pallet truck with special functions (scissor lift trucks, stackers)
  • Electrically assisted lift truck

Cause search and simple correction of the cause make sense only with the ant. For all other pallet trucks, you should always contact a specialist or specialist company. Especially with electrically driven pallet trucks maintenance and repairs are much more complex and must be carried out very carefully and necessarily professionally.

Basic causes

If the pallet truck does not pump up, the cause is due to the hydraulic system:

  • There is air in the hydraulic system
  • the hydraulic system is leaking
  • There is not enough oil in the hydraulic system
  • the oil in the hydraulic system is dirty or contains foreign matter
  • the hydraulic cylinder is defective
  • there is a defect in the lifting device
  • the hydraulic pump is defective

In simple hand pallet truck can get into the system by the mere tilting of the lift truck or by pulling on a slope air. However, it is always relatively easy to remove in this case.

Dirty hydraulic oil can usually be changed quite easily (observe operating instructions!), A low oil level can be read in most cases quite easily and fill in the missing oil again.
For all other damages, however, you must contact a specialist - this is what the regulations of the employers' liability insurance association also stipulate. Due to the high load weight and the accident risk, repairs to industrial trucks may only be carried out by expert technicians.

Immediate action: deflate the ant

You can vent an ant quite easily:

1. Move the drawbar to "lower fork position"
2. Pump vigorously several times

This can be repeated until the ant pumps up the palete again. If this does not work, there is a defect other than air in the system.

Tips & Tricks

If necessary, have a specialist show you what maintenance you can do yourself and how to do it properly. Always follow the manufacturer's maintenance plans very closely.

Video Board: Fix Pallet Truck Lifting Part 1