Repair lift trucks - you should pay attention

If the pallet truck - which is rare enough - no longer works, repairs are due. What you can do yourself, and what repairs the expert needs, read in our post. In addition, which simple tricks are often enough to make the pallet truck work again.

Responsible for repairs

Deeper repairs and maintenance work on hand pallet trucks and repairs on electric pallet trucks may only be carried out by authorized specialists. This is not only a rule of most manufacturers but also an applicable regulation of the professional associations.

Lift trucks move heavy loads and there is a high safety risk when trucks are not working properly. For this reason, sufficient expertise and great care are always essential for repairs.

Possible problems with hand pallet truck

Problems with the very robust and resistant "ants", the simple hand pallet truck, are rare. As a rule, forks and drawbar are made very stable and hardly ever take damage.

Transport wheels can show signs of wear over time - but it takes years of hard use, until the first damage.

Therefore, most problems concern the hydraulic system of the pallet truck:

  • Air in the hydraulic system
  • dirty oil in the hydraulic system
  • Leaks in the pipes or on the hydraulic cylinder
  • Damage to the hydraulic pump or hydraulic pump malfunction
  • worn and no longer functioning seals or sealing collars

Most of these problems are fairly straightforward to fix, but you have to be very careful when replacing cylinders or more complicated seals. Such repairs should usually be left to a specialist company or at least to a specialist. But you can always do many things yourself after a repair manual of a professional.

Possible problems with electric pallet trucks

Because of their much more complex construction, repairs are not so easy here and the possible problems can be more numerous. In addition to the above-mentioned damage, there are often problems with the electronics, the motor control, with the motor itself or with the accumulator.

Repairs to electric pallet trucks should therefore basically exclusively be carried out by a specialist. This is especially true when there are problems with the drive of the lift truck.

Simply repair the hand pallet truck

You can also do some simple things yourself. This includes, for example

  • the exchange of roles
  • refilling / replacing oil and bleeding the lift truck

Replace roles

All you need to do is to get the replacement wheels (spare parts from the manufacturer). The replacement of the transport wheels is not a problem and actually self-explanatory. You can not go wrong.

Refill / replace oil and bleed

Where you can find the filler neck and which oils you are allowed to use, we have described in a separate post. Also for the bleeding you will find a separate manual with us.

Tips & Tricks

The vast majority of functional defects in the hand pallet truck can be remedied by replacing the oil, replacing the seal and venting. First try these measures before taking the pallet truck to the specialist workshop for repair.

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