Papercuts: instructions and templates

Silhouettes were already a very popular art form in the Goethe era, and even today, both professionals and children enjoy the filigree, playful images. With a pair of scissors or other cutting tools, paper or other material is processed so that at the end either the remaining outline or the cutouts or both give a vivid picture.

Here you will find links to instructions on how to make your own silhouette or templates for silhouettes that can help you create a work of art.

Papercuts: instructions and templates: papercuts

Browse through the large selection of templates in which almost everything is represented from delicate flower ornaments to simple animal motifs.

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Papercut instructions

  • Paper cut with faces in profile

    Instructions for a paper cut of the bridal couple on the example of a wedding picture
  • Paper cut as a pendant

    Instructions for individual pendants with paper cut motive.
  • Paper cutting guide

    general introduction and decoration ideas
  • Silhouette silhouette

    Instructions for creating paper-cutting with faces in the profile
  • shadow Theater

    Theater stage for shadow play with paper cut out of a box and photo paper. Illustrated manual.
  • Paper cut motive "Schwibbogen"

    Paper cut by Reginald Gregorowius, which can also be used as a template for your own paper cutting or as a template for a candle arch. Design: Miners and coats of arms
  • Window picture rocking horse

    Crafting instructions with print template for a window picture in silhouette style with rocking horse motif. Cutting template as a free PDF download.
  • Floral bow

    Filigree flowers grow in a semicircle - as coloring or template for window pictures
  • Paper cut for butterfly

    A magical, delicate craft idea for a butterfly as a paper cut from origami paper
  • Camel paper cut

    Instructions for older and younger children
  • Paper cutting instructions

    Guide for beginners with simple horse motif
  • Papercut butterflies

    Instructions for templates for paper cut butterflies to download and print
  • Papercut lantern

    Their love of filigree paper cutting can now pay off, because when crafting a beautiful lantern to Sankt Martin give unusual shapes and motifs the tone. Conjure fine figures to the interplay of light and shadow
  • Building instructions for a paper theater

    Crafting instructions for a courtly paper theater for performances in puppet theater with paper cut dolls.
  • Silhouette silhouette

    Instructions for creating a silhouette cutting silhouette
  • How is a paper cut made?

    Video about paper cutting with a complicated motive

Paper cut templates: classic, flowery, crocheted

  • Paper cut ornament

    Instructions for a refined folded silhouette in ornamental form
  • Pop-up card with heart

    Crafting instructions for a pop-up Valentine's card with nostalgic paper cut - including pattern and instructions.

Silhouettes for Christmas: Christmas Ideas

  • Make snowflakes and snowflakes

    With these step-by-step instructions you make filigree snow stars and snowflakes as a paper cut.
  • Rosettes and rosette stars made of paper

    Make rosette stars for the window yourself - instructions with photos
  • Filigree colorful folding stars

    Fold sheets of paper, cut and conjure beautiful paper cut stars
  • Filigree paper cut star with 6 pips

    In terms of filigree you will have good cuts with this poinsettia. Anyone who previously believed that you can only use a pair of scissors to cut hair, now learns something better.
  • Paper cut as a gift idea

    as a decoration or a personal gift for Christmas
  • Paper cut angel as a window picture [PDF]

    Motive angel with stars in front of Christmas tree. Christmas paper cutting template for children.
  • Christmas tree [PDF]

    Paper cutting template for children with a fir tree
  • Bell [PDF]

    Christmas bell as paper cut template
  • Paper cut in star shape

    Video tutorial for creating a Christmas star as a paper cut

Silhouettes for Easter

  • Easter eggs with paper cut

    Nice idea to decorate easter eggs with paper cut.
  • Garland of Easter Bunny

    Simple and fast paper cut garland with Easter bunny for coloring. Simply fold the paper several times, record bunnies and cut out.
  • Easter decoration with paper cut

    Instructions for hen and chicks as silhouette paper figures.
  • Easter decoration

    This video shows how to decorate Easter eggs with paper cutouts.

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